Norway in October: Weather, Tips and More


Norway’s vibrant autumnal hues bloom to their fullest in October, and as days become shorter and nights longer, the stunning northern lights put on a dazzling display in the Arctic Circle. Luckily, the cold-averse crowds have thinned out as the temperature dips, offering more breathing space to explore the country’s top destinations. Now is a great time to explore Norway and its cultural gems, ski on snowy slopes, or tour its fabled fjords.

Norway Weather in October

View of a sunset from a highway in Norway during October
The daylight hours are shorter in Norway during the month of October

The weather in Norway in October varies according to the place you visit. Expect the mercury to dip significantly in the northern region. The temperature is comparatively warmer in the south between 4°C and 10°C. Daylight hours are also shorter with barely eight hours of daybreak. While rain and snow are fairly common, travelers can always check out the many indoor attractions to keep dry and warm.

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Weather in Norway in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)12691620222016104-1
Avg Nightly (°C)-7-7-31711131274-1-5
Avg Daily (°F)33.835.642.848.260.86871.66860.85039.230.2
Avg Nightly (°F)19.419.426.633.844.651.855.453.644.639.230.223
Avg Rainfall (mm)504060405080709070907050

Why Visit Norway in October

RV near a lake in Norway
To take it slow, you can rent an RV and take your family on a trip through Norway
Aerial of view of Old Town Bergen, Norway
Experience the Norwegian culture in the second biggest city of Norway - Bergen

October in Norway has a lot going for it, even without the warmth of summer and the fabled midnight sun. For one thing, travelers will get to enjoy Norway’s scintillating autumn vistas. Yes, the daylight hours are shorter, but it has its own advantage: October is one of the best times to see the northern lights. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Norway in October.

  • Dazzling aurora: Longer and darker nights, especially in the north, offer a splendid opportunity to see the aurora borealis. Tromso, Kirkenes, and The Lofoten Islands are great places to see the magical northern lights.
  • Thinner crowds: There are fewer tourist crowds in Norway in October. For travelers, this is a splendid time to amble around the normally tourist-heavy destinations like Oslo and Bergen or hike to oft-visited sites like Pulpit Rock and Troll Tongue.
  • Music festivals: October in Norway is a great month for music lovers. The Lillehammer Jazz Festival features four days of Norwegian and Nordic jazz music. Insomnia Festival, Norway’s largest electronic and arguably the most important musical event, also takes place this month.
  • Off-season rates: Budget travelers will find plenty of reasons to visit Norway in October, as the low season offers cheaper flights and hotel rates. If you want to get more bang for your buck, this is the time to be in Norway.

Where to go and what to do

View of Lillestrom town from an airplane, Norway in October
Lillestrom is the best place for museum fanatics. Make sure to add them to your itinerary if museums are your thing on your trip to Norway in October

While weather-sensitive activities like going to the beach and island hopping are not ideal in October due to unpredictable weather, you will still find plenty of things to do in Norway this month. With autumn in full bloom, Norwegian cities and villages put up a vibrant display for visitors. With limited daylight hours, plan your outdoor jaunts accordingly.

Visitors can also base themselves in Oslo to learn more about Norwegian history and culture. There are plenty of museums and art galleries in the city. Visit the Bygdoy peninsula on the western side of Oslo, which is home to five national museums. Meanwhile, Bergen is the perfect launching point to explore some of Norway’s most stunning fjords, including the Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord, Geirangerfjord, and Lysefjord. While you are there, do not forget to take a ride on the renowned Flam Railway.

Head farther north in the Arctic Circle to see the northern lights. Tromso and Lofoten Islands are among the places that offer splendid views of the aurora borealis. Ski season also begins in Norway in early November, so why not take advantage of the low season and go skiing when the crowds are low. Go to the Lyngen Alps for a great ski holiday experience.

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While Norway in October will not guarantee warm weather or sunny skies, the low season offers plenty of perks to visitors. Fewer crowds and off-season rates will attract budget travelers, while longer, darker nights afford the perfect time to witness the northern lights. October is also a great time to explore Norway’s top cities where many cultural gems await, or to take a memorable cruise through fjords. Activities like skiing, hiking, and wildlife watching are also available for adventurous souls.

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