Norway in June: Tons of Fun Under the Midnight Sun


With longer daylight hours, milder temperatures, and a flurry of festivals to fill your itinerary, it is no wonder that a trip to Norway in June is popular among travelers. The sun barely sets in the sky during the summer months – a phenomenon that gave this Scandinavian country its popular title, the Land of the Midnight Sun. Set off on outdoor adventures while the weather is warm. Go island-hopping, cruise past fjords, hike in national parks, or dive in the peninsula’s waters – the choice is yours.

Norway Weather in June

Aerial view of bridge showing sea and snowy mountains in Lofoten Islands
Island hop and experience the winter wonderlands of Lofoten in Norway

June is one of the best months to visit Norway as temperatures across the country are milder during this time of year. Southern regions enjoy pleasant daytime temperatures of around 22°C with the mercury dropping to around 13°C in the evenings. June also offers a lot of fun in the sun: most of the country receives 18 to 19 hours of daylight during this time of year, while the sun never sets above the Arctic Circle.

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Weather in Norway in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)12691620222016104-1
Avg Nightly (°C)-7-7-31711131274-1-5
Avg Daily (°F)33.835.642.848.260.86871.66860.85039.230.2
Avg Nightly (°F)19.419.426.633.844.651.855.453.644.639.230.223
Avg Rainfall (mm)504060405080709070907050

Why Visit Norway in June

Panoramic view of woman taking photo of Andalsnes on a platform at the top
If you have a knack for hiking or mountaineering, Norway is one of the best places to do so
The norwegian flag in the aft mast of a wooden boat.
Captivate yourself in the serene waters of Norway by taking a public or a private cruise

June is part of the high season when it comes to tourism in Norway. So, be prepared for more crowds and higher prices. Thankfully, almost all attractions are fully open during this time with extended hours to accommodate the swelling demand.

With summer in full swing, now is the time to explore Norway’s great outdoors. Cruise past its stunning fjords, travel to Stø for wildlife safaris, enjoy views from atop a cliff in Skjeggedal and discover the jaw-dropping scenery of the Lofoten Islands.

Regardless of the month’s drawbacks, June is an excellent month to discover the country. Below are some reasons why it is worth traveling to Norway during this high-season month.

  • Fantastic weather: Milder summer temperatures in a country otherwise known for its bitter winters are one of June’s main draws. Yes, you will encounter more crowds. However, with the mercury rising, you also have access to more destinations than during winter.
  • Midnight sun: Longer daylight hours mean round-the-clock exploration for travelers! Cross into the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets during this time of year, and enjoy hiking in the Lyngen Alps and Vesteralen.
  • Festivals galore: A flurry of festivals makes June one of the year’s most exciting months. Get your heart pumping in Voss’ Extreme Sports Festival, watch international headliners in the Norwegian Wood Festival or see hundreds of sailboats compete with one another during Faerder Sailing Race.
  • Water adventures: With warmer temperatures, summer opens opportunities for water activities! Now is a great time to go rafting in eastern Norway’s Sjoa, enjoy a kayak tour of fjords and experience freshwater fishing in Gjovik or Hemsedal.
  • Outdoor excursions: Snow starts melting across the country with the arrival of June, roads are dry and seas are warm! June is a great time to go camping, cycling, and hiking in Norway. The Lofoten Islands become playgrounds for the outdoorsy during this month!

Where to go and what to do

View from Floyen mountain of Bergen covered in snow, Bergen
Hike up Floyen mountain and be immersed in the view of Bergen covered in snow, Norway

With summer bringing about better road conditions, some of the most remote parts of the country are easily accessible during this month. Take in the breathtaking landscapes of the Lofoten Islands, hit the beaches, explore charming fishing villages and challenge yourself during an epic hiking trip. Go on a sightseeing tour of Oslo and check out its cultural attractions, top-notch restaurants, and verdant parks.

You might also want to get phenomenal views of the midnight sun from a cable car. Ride the Fløibanen funicular in Bergen and take pictures of the seven surrounding mountains. Else, steal magnificent views of Tromso aboard Fjellheisen cable car in Storsteinen.

A trip to Norway in June is not complete without cruising through its magnificent fjords. Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-see, and so are the dramatic cliffsides of Naeroyfjord.

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What to bring

Aerial of view of Old Town Bergen, Norway
Experience the Norwegian culture in the second biggest city of Norway - Bergen
Cottage in Norway covered with snow at nightfall
A tour in Norway doesn't always have to be adventurous. You can rent a cottage and cozy up during the winter days

Despite it being a summer month, the weather in Norway in June can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is better to come prepared. Carrying layers of warm, light clothes is absolutely essential as this allows you to adjust to changing temperatures, especially when hiking up a mountain where the mercury plummets quickly. Also pack a lightweight, waterproof raincoat to stay dry during occasional rains.

Milder temperatures and longer daylight hours are the reasons why many travelers prefer visiting Norway in June. With summer underway, you can expect more crowds, higher prices, and limited accommodation availability. Consider booking a couple of months in advance to get around these drawbacks.

Brave the high season, however, and you’ll get rewarded with spectacular sights, longer days to explore, and a flurry of festivals to pack in your itinerary! Start your Norwegian adventure by getting in touch with our local travel experts who can help you create a tailor-made trip to Norway.

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