Norway in July: A Treasure Trove of Summer Adventures Await


With the warmest temperatures and longest days of the year, a trip to Norway in July is a crowd favorite. And if you are prepared to jostle with tourists, especially in popular destinations, summer offers spectacular weather that is perfect for outdoor activities. Cruise through magnificent fjords, explore the Lofoten Islands or go on day hikes to any of the country’s majestic peaks. You will find plenty to do in Norway in July and longer days guarantee that you will never run out of time.

Norway Weather in July

The aerial view of Norway Fjord landscape
Experience a serene morning in the landscapes of Fjord, Norway

Norway’s weather in July is warm and pleasant, creating the perfect setting for exploration. You can enjoy mild afternoon temperatures of around 24°C and evening temperatures of around 18°C down south in Bergen and Oslo along with extended daylight hours lasting between 16 to 18 hours a day – a phenomenon is known as the ‘midnight sun’. Head further north in the Arctic Circle and the sun never sets at all.

With fantastic weather conditions all around, July is one of the best times to visit Norway. This month is perfect for embarking on outdoor activities, enjoying island-hopping, and swimming in the warm Gulf Stream waters.

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Weather in Norway in July - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)12691620222016104-1
Avg Nightly (°C)-7-7-31711131274-1-5
Avg Daily (°F)33.835.642.848.260.86871.66860.85039.230.2
Avg Nightly (°F)19.419.426.633.844.651.855.453.644.639.230.223
Avg Rainfall (mm)504060405080709070907050

Why Visit Norway in July

Midnight sun over Reinebringen - summer in Lofoten in Norway
The midnight sun is a phenomenon where the sunset and sunrise are prolonged all at once

Warm temperatures and longer days make a trip to Norway in July worth every penny. However, expect to contend with crowds in popular destinations and fork out more for hotels and activities. We suggest that you book your accommodation and activities in advance to avoid exorbitant rates.

While July has its share of drawbacks, those who dare to visit are rewarded with stunning sights and weather that is perfect for outdoor adventures. Below are the reasons why it is worth traveling to Norway during this time.

  • The legendary midnight sun: Longer daylight hours mean more time for exploration. Go on a midnight sun cruise while enjoying Tromso’s beautiful scenery, or spy on wildlife on the Arctic Islands of Svalbard where the sun never sets in July.
  • Great weather: It is easy to dread Norway’s chilly temperatures, especially if you are not used to the cold. Summer offers mild weather that is perfect for adventuring. Explore fjords, national parks, cities, and islands without freezing your socks off in July.
  • Festival fun: July is chockablock with major events. Discover quality ingredients in Gladmat, Scandinavia's largest food festival, or watch international jazz performances at the Kongsberg International Jazz Festival. Manndalen's Riddu Riddu indigenous festival is big news as well.
  • Outdoor adventures: July is perfect for outdoor excursions. Hike through Sognefjord for magnificent views, go seawater fishing in the Lofoten Islands, or try whitewater rafting in Voss or Sjoa. Norway has 41 national parks to satisfy the outdoorsy in you!
  • Beach season: Fjords are Norway's main draw but its stunning beaches hold their own. Head to Stavanger for top-rated Norwegian beaches or go surfing in Nordfjord's Seljesanden, a popular surf spot in the sleepy town of Selje.

Where to go and what to do

Rjukan-Notodden in a bright summers day
Travel to Notodden cityscape to experience summer in Norway at its fullest
Scenic view from a tent of the Norwegian Landscape, Norway
By following the right roam rules you are allowed to set up tents and hammocks for free

Travelers looking for outdoor adventures will find July to be a fantastic month to visit. For the ultimate summer escapade, head to the Lofoten Islands. Here, a long list of picturesque beaches and hiking trails await. Next, drop by the Lofotr Viking Museum to see Viking vessel replicas and ancient artifacts.

Norway’s breathtaking fjords should also be on your list of must-visits. Geirangerfjord, Naeroyfjord, and Sognefjord are three of the most outstanding fjords in the country. For more stunning sights, enjoy a ride aboard the Flam Railway travel through the scenic route between touring Bergen and Oslo while enjoying views of towering mountains, agricultural landscapes, and sparkling blue rivers.

Norway never falls short of cultural highlights. Discover Oslo's renowned museums and take a stroll in its parks, learn about Viking history in Trondheim or get a glimpse of life during the medieval period in Bergen. Planning your itinerary? Find out more about how many days to spend in Norway to get the best experience.

What to bring

The norwegian flag in the aft mast of a wooden boat.
Captivate yourself in the serene waters of Norway by taking public or a private cruise
The aerial of view of Oslo between the city and typical Nordic cottage
There are a plethora of places in Oslo for you to rent your very own Nordic cottage for a cozy holiday

The summer sun is delightfully warm, allowing you to wear shorts and t-shirts provided you are not heading far north However, the weather may change fast, so always bring a raincoat and a sweater - especially if you are going on longer excursions or hikes. Pack layers for all weather circumstances — warm and cold, rainy and dry – and err on the side of caution.

The weather in Norway in July is perfect for traveling. Warmer temperatures, drier roads, and longer days allow you to go through your itinerary without inconveniences. With that being said, July is also popular with tourists, so prepare to contend with crowds and pay higher fees for accommodation.

Regardless, a vacation in Norway offers endless outdoor adventures, be it swimming, hiking, fishing, or rafting. The month also hosts some of the country’s biggest festivities, so there is always an event to include in your itinerary. Wondering how to begin your Norwegian adventure? Contact our travel experts in the country and create tailor-made trips to Norway.

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