Top 7 National Parks in Argentina


Argentina boasts an impressive array of national parks, evenly distributed around its vast territory. From rainforests to glaciers to savannahs, each park offers a unique glimpse of nature’s beauty and diversity. There is so much to see in all of them, but visiting all 33 national parks is a big ask. Here we have compiled a list of the seven must-see national parks in Argentina.

1. Tierra del Fuego National Park

View of Torres National Park in a sunny day in Argentina.
Tierra del Fuego National Park features breathtaking mountain, glacier, woodland, lake, and waterfall scenery.

Tierra del Fuego national park is the southernmost park in Argentina. It is also the last jumping point before Antarctica. The park boasts spectacular landscapes of mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Travelers will be enamored by the Patagonian Forest and the various wildlife species it houses, not to mention the Roca and Fagnano lakes and the beaches in the park.

Location: Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Best time to visit: Late March to early May.


  • Hiking any of the numerous trails in the park and enjoying the views.
  • Taking the end of the world train.
  • Admiring the glacial landscapes and mountains.

2. Iguazu National Park

A toucan in the Iguazu National Park of Argentina.
Spot the rare toucans in Iguazu National Park in Argentina.

Iguazu National Park shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. It is famed for the magnificent, semi-circular Iguazu Falls. Home to over 270 individual waterfalls, the magnificent Iguazu is the largest waterfall system in the world, which draws more than 1.6 million tourists per year. Apart from the waterfalls, the park also boasts a diverse range of wildlife species, including the jaguar and ocelot, and rare toucans.

Location: Misiones, Argentina

Best time to visit: Fall season (March to May)


  • Taking a train ride to the Devil’s Throat.
  • Getting panoramic views of the fall via a helicopter.
  • Engaging in river rafting.

3. Los Glaciares National Park

Cougar walking in Los Glaciares National Park.
Visit Los Glaciares National Park to spot cougars.

Los Glaciares National Park is the largest in Argentina and arguably the most magnificent. It is home to the largest ice cap in the world outside of Greenland and Antarctica. But ice caps are not the only thing that Los Glaciares is known for. The park has two beautiful lakes and is home to predator species such as cougars, guanacos, and South American gray foxes.

Location: Santa Cruz, Argentina

Best time to visit: December to February


  • Beholding the magnificence of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Climbing Mount Fitz Roy and admiring the stellar views.
  • Taking a boat tour to the Spegazzini and Upsala Glaciers.

4. Nahuel Huapi National Park

The view of Nahuel Huapi National Park from Cerro Campanario in Argentina.
Enjoy the Nahuel Huapi National Park's glaciers, lakes, rivers, snow, vast woods, varied fauna, and towering mountains.

Glaciers, lakes, rivers, snow, expansive forests, diverse wildlife, and towering mountains—the Nahuel Huapi National Park has it all. This is the first national park in Argentina and the second largest in terms of area. Here, travelers can explore its expansive wilderness and many lakes and climb the mountains. There is something interesting to do for every nature lover in Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Location: Neuquen, Argentina

Best time to visit: This park is a year-round destination.


  • Hiking the snow-capped Andes terrain.
  • Exploring lakes on rafting or kayaking trips.
  • Ice-trekking on the Cerro Tronador glacier.

5. Lanin National Park

The view of the Lanin Volcano from the road to Tromen Lake in Argentina.
Lanin volcano is an ice-clad, cone-shaped stratovolcano that is also a symbol of the Argentine province of Neuquen, being part of its flag and its anthem.

The Lanin National Park is home to the spectacular Lanin Volcano, a cone-shaped stratovolcano that shares borders with Chile and Argentina. The volcano’s peak is the tallest in the area, making it a point of interest for mountain climbers and enthusiasts. Beyond the Lanin Volcano, are the Andean Mountains, Huechulafquen Lake, and countless other attractions for visitors to discover.

Location: Neuquen, Argentina

Best time to visit: December to February


  • Hiking to the summit of the Lanin Volcano.
  • Fishing in the waters of the Huechulafquen lake.
  • Enjoying horseback riding on rugged trails.

6. Talampaya National Park

Dry riverbed and steep sandstone cliffs in the Talampaya National Park.
Talampaya National Park features attractive sandstone scenery, rock formations, montane meadows, and a river gorge that come together to provide a beautiful panorama.

This park gets its name from the Talampaya River, and it is a Unesco World Heritage Site because it provides access to dinosaur fossils from the Triassic Period. The park boasts mesmerizing sandstone landscapes, rock formations, montane grasslands, and a river gorge that combine to create a pleasant landscape.

Location: La Rioja, Argentina

Best time to visit: October


  • Examining the features that display the most extensive dinosaur fossil record available to date.
  • Visiting the Lost City and Rainbow Canyon.
  • Sighting some petroglyphs from prehistoric times.

7. Los Arrayanes National Park

Huemul deer in Los Arrayanes National Park.
Spot huemul deer in Los Arrayanes National Park.

The Los Arrayanes National Park is another park in the beautiful city of Neuquen. It is most famous for its forest and Arrayan trees. Previously, the park was a part of the neighboring Nahuel Huapi National Park, but the distinction was necessary to bolster efforts to protect the trees and forests. Some of the trees in the forest are over 600 years old. The park also boasts lagoon beaches and plenty of wildlife such as foxes, pudus, and huemul deer.

Location: Neuquen, Argentina

Best time to visit: December to February


  • Admiring the grand Arrayan trees.
  • Exploring the forest on foot or bike along the wooden trail.
  • Swimming on lagoons and enjoying other water activities such as boating and kayaking.

Adding wildlife watching opportunities while you visit Argentina will surely make it a memorable one. Ready to start planning your vacation? Contact our local travel experts for a customized trip to Argentina. For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Argentina. For more ideas on what you can do on your trip to Argentina, see our guide on things to do in Argentina. Our article on how many days to spend in Argentina will also come in handy.

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