Morocco in November: The Majesty of a North African Autumn


Cooler climes and fewer tourists make Morocco in November the ideal time to unearth the country's charms. Whether you want to fall headfirst into nature’s clutches or discover the dizzying allure of ancient cities, the North African autumn offers an endless array of treasures. The souks—soporific and crowded through the scorching summer— call out to tourists in November; while the Sahara, off-limits for much of the year, draws visitors in with its cool, sunny days.  November is also an ideal time to trek to the Atlas Mountains, and those in search of sun and swimmable seas need to look no further than the Atlantic coastline.

Weather in Morocco in November

Essaouira Ramparts in Essaouira, Morocco
The defensive walls at the ramparts of Essaouira display a variety of European cannons gifted to the nineteenth-century sultan of Morocco.

Through the summer months (June to August), Morocco can be uncomfortably hot. However, milder days with cool evenings and the occasional shower make November a great time to visit. Average daily temperatures in Fez, Marrakesh, and Tangiers hover between 15°C and 17°C. In the Atlas Mountains, you can expect average daily temperatures of around 16°C, with just six rainfall days a month. The more southerly Saharan town of Merzouga drops down to a daily average of 7°C in November, while the coastal area of Agadir has highs of 25°C and sees nearly nine sunshine hours a day.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Morocco.

Weather in Morocco in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)192125272935383833292320
Avg Nightly (°C)681113151921211916118
Avg Daily (°F)66.269.87780.684.295100.4100.491.484.273.468
Avg Nightly (°F)42.846.451.855.45966.269.869.866.260.851.846.4
Avg Rainfall (mm)32383839245136244113

Why visit Morocco in November

Main post, telegraph and telephone office of Rabat. Rabat, Morocco
The main post office is an iconic landmark in Rabat.
Kasbah Telouet, Morocco
An ornate window in the Kasbah Telouet in Morocco overlooks the fields and the Atlas Mountains.

The best reason to visit Morocco in November is the glorious fall weather. While the summer sun can make some activities uncomfortable, November offers a plethora of activities to do in Morocco.

  • Nature’s treasures: November is known for having cool yet sunny days. This is an ideal time to explore the wonders of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Hiking enthusiasts can trek through ancient Berber villages and scale snow-capped peaks. Those who prefer the desert’s vast expanse can take camel-back tours and spend the night under the stars in a Bedouin camp.
  • Winter sun: November in Morocco also offers a great chance to catch some winter sun. The weather is warm and the country sees upwards of seven hours of daily sunshine. Sea temperatures average at 27°C, calling out visitors to some of the most splendid beaches on Morocco’s Atlantic coasts. Furthermore, as the seasonal weather brings bigger swells, the beaches transform into a surfer’s paradise in November.
  • Celebrate Independence: On November 18th, Morocco celebrates its independence from French rule — commemorating King Mohammed V’s return from exile in Madagascar. It’s a public holiday and a joyous occasion across Morocco. Witness the grand reception held at the imperial palace or join in on the parades held across the country.
  • Discover historic cities: November’s milder temperatures and lower footfall make it a perfect month to explore the inland cities. Traveling to Marrakech, unbearably hot through the summer months, is much more appealing in autumn. You will also find fewer tourists here, allowing for a perfect opportunity to explore the souks and tanneries at your own pace.

Where to go and what to do

Atlas gate, Morocco
Find adobe gates on either side of the asphalt road in Morocco leading to the High Atlas Mountains.

November in Morocco unfurls endless opportunities for visitors. Explore natural wonders like Erg Chebbi and Gouffre de Friouato, go to Agadir and Mirlift to immerse yourself in North African culture, or simply enjoy restorative sunshine in Morocco in November.

Cooler climes and a little less bustle make Morocco in November ideal for setting out on sightseeing trips of the cities. The medina in medieval Fez, Marrakech’s Bahia Palace, and the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca will delight and enchant travelers in equal measure. Likewise, a trip to Chefchaouen — “The Blue City” — offers once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities and is well worth a visit.

If you are looking for adventure, head out to the North African wilderness in the High Atlas Mountains. Test your endurance on the rugged paths of the Toubkal National Park or drive past the magnificent vistas of the Tizi n’Test Pass. Further down south, explore the arid desert scene of Ouarzazate and tour some of the iconic sets of Hollywood. The Arabain-themed scenes draw visitors from all over and are ideal backdrops for photos.

What to bring

Painted wooden ceiling of the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh,Morocco
The wooden ceiling in the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh, Morocco, showcases an intricate display of Moroccan artwork.

Since sunny days give way to cold evenings during Morocco’s November, it is advisable to dress in layers. We recommended packing warm clothes to wear after dark. Visitors should also bear in mind that Morocco is a conservative country. While you aren’t expected to cover your head, it is respectful to wear long trousers and avoid shorts and tank tops, especially in rural areas.

As the mercury takes a drop in Morocco in November, the country transforms into a visitor's paradise. Most tourist destinations are accessible during this time of the year and reveal charms that remained unnoticed during the scorching summer season. Whether you want to discover the rich history of Morocco’s cities, take in the breathtaking best nature has to offer, kick back and relax on white-sand beaches, or join in on independence celebrations, November is a great time to travel to Morocco.

Wondering how long it would take to cover it all? Check out our travel guide on how many days to spend in Morocco. If you need help planning a customized trip to Morocco in November, you can reach out to our local travel experts in Morocco to devise a tailored itinerary. For instant inspiration, you can browse through our tours of Morocco in November.

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