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Rains start winding up in Mexico towards the end of October, which is still part of the so-called wet season. Therefore, the weather of Mexico in October is a curious mix of rainy days and bright sunny phases, depending on which part of the country you are in. This means that if you are planning a trip to Mexico in October, you can pack in a diverse set of destinations and experiences.

There are plenty of things to do in Mexico. Discover La Merced, a colorful market in Mexico City; visit Teotihuacan, a 2000-year-old archaeological site; enjoy some excellent beach time in Acapulco. This travel guide provides a few of the best tips for your tour of Mexico

Mexico Weather in October

Man hanging in the balance over a log at seaside
Expect to see some erratic weather conditions if you are visiting Mexico in October since you might experience some unexpected rain.

Rainfall starts dwindling towards the latter half of the month, and Mexico’s weather in October is generally warm and pleasant. This is also the peak hurricane season in the country. However, the distribution of rain is quite uneven, and while some beaches remain off-limits, you might still be able to venture into others. The Yucatán Peninsula sees a lot of showers during this time of year. However, it starts to dwindle in the final weeks. On the other hand, Mexico City sees little rain during October.

The weather in Mexico City in October is pleasant, with the average temperature fluctuating between 21°C and 10°C. It is much warmer in Cancun, where the average highs hover at 31ºC and the lows are balmy at 22ºC. For a seasonal overview, browse through our travel guide on the best time to visit Mexico.

Weather in Mexico in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)212224252524222323232220
Avg Nightly (°C)5671011121212121075
Avg Daily (°F)69.871.675.2777775.271.673.473.473.471.668
Avg Nightly (°F)4142.844.65051.853.653.653.653.65044.641
Avg Rainfall (mm)102010203040604090202010

Why Visit Mexico in October

Traveler shopping in the traditional market
Traveling to Mexico in October means having the freedom to explore the country at your own pace, without the hassle of too many tourists.
Avenue of Dead, Temple of Sun Teotihuacan Mexico
Explore the rich history of Mexico by visiting Teotihuacan and its Temple of Sun.

Beaches generally take a backseat in Mexico in October because of rains and the possibility of storms. But there are still many wonderful places across the country where the weather is pleasant and dry. Here is why you should consider traveling to Mexico in October.

  • Bargain deals: Since October is a low tourist season in Mexico, most of the country’s leading resorts slash their prices. Besides hotels, you can also get great deals on travel.
  • Fewer tourists: A low tourist season means that you will not find too many people traveling to Mexico during this month. Discover top-rated destinations like Guanajuato and San Cristobal without having to jostle with crowds.
  • City sightseeing: The weather is perfect for a culinary tour of Mexico City and for discovering its highlights. Take a stroll in the trendy Juarez neighborhood if you wish to or visit Palacio Nacional instead.
  • Mayan mystique: October is a good time to dig into Mexico’s past. Head for San Cristobal, home to indigenous people, and visit Teotihuacan, known for its Pyramid of the Sun.
  • Festive time: The most popular festivals in Mexico in October are Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, a three-week cultural event that features performances and musical shows by artists from around the world; and the Day of the Dead, a unique event known for its spectacular parades and costumes.

Where to go and what to do

Santo Domingo Cathedral in historic Oaxaca city center
Make sure to visit Oaxaca and enjoy its distinctive art and architecture, and craft-making village communities.

It is rainy in Cancun in October, with the added possibility of hurricanes. Because of this, most tourists skip this popular beach resort during this month. But practically speaking, there is very little chance that you will encounter stormy weather conditions. While it helps to keep an eye on hurricane forecasts, a trip to Cancun during this month may turn out to be a dream vacation, with miles and miles of empty sand to lay down on. Away from the beaches, Cancun has a very different side to it: learn more about Mayan culture at the superb Museo Maya de Cancún and the San Miguelito archaeological site.

Exploring Mexico City and its surrounding areas is also among some of the best things to do in October. Admire the city’s colonial-era architecture; visit the museum built in the memory of Frida Kahlo, which was once the home of this legendary Mexican artist; see the beautiful ruins of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Teotihuacan, and go on a boat cruise through the canals and floating gardens of Xochimilco.

Head for the beaches in Acapulco, whose weather is mostly warm and sunny during this time of year. While there, you might also want to add a trip to the city’s botanical gardens and see the beautiful Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral. See clavadistas (cliff divers) plunge more than 110 feet from the rocks of La Quebrada into the waters below, and take in the views of the city’s bay from San Diego Fort.

If you are traveling to Mexico towards the end of October, when it rains substantially less, you might want to consider visiting Oaxaca in the south. A place like no other, Oaxaca is known for its distinctive art and architecture, craft-making village communities, charming weekly local markets, and green hills with plenty of hiking and biking opportunities.

What to bring

Rainy weather and raindrops on the glass
Make sure that you are prepared to face the occasional rain showers that may come your way.

Make sure that you carry rain jackets along with you while heading for Mexico in October. If you are planning a stay in the capital, you might as well pack a light jacket and a few warm clothes since the minimum temperature in Mexico City can go below 10°C.

October is one of the best times of year to take advantage of the low tourist season in Mexico. If you looking to make your plans for a trip, check our travel guide on how many days to spend in Mexico. We would recommend a 10-day stay to get the full Mexican experience. However, if you limited time on your hands, you could go for a 7-day itinerary that gives you a satisfying glimpse of the country. Feel free to contact our travel experts to create a personalized itinerary to Mexico based on your requirements.

So, wait for no further and start planning your trip to Mexico in October!

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