Kenya in September: Mild Weather and Clear Skies


Mild weather and clear skies await you in Kenya in September. The month falls in the middle of the dry winter season. This is when the Kenyan wildlife is most active and the savannas are full of migrating herds. The balmy weather condition is just perfect to spend time on the beaches of the Indian Ocean or go on a hiking trip through inland mountains. Although Kenya can be a bit expensive in September, the chance to witness the great wildebeest migrations of the Maasai Mara is worth the extra cost.

Weather in Kenya in September

Sunrise on Mount Kenya in September
The snow-capped Mount Kenya often sees temperatures plunging below zero in September.

The weather in Kenya in September is largely dictated by where you are in the country. In Mombasa, down on the Indian Ocean coast, you should expect a daily high of 30℃ and a low of 25℃. In Nairobi, the temperature ranges between 13℃ to 24℃, with only three days of rain in the month.

Further inland, in Maasai Mara National Reserve, the mercury can soar up to 27℃ during the day, while the nights can be a bit nippy. Expect early morning temperatures to drop as low as 12℃. Mount Kenya has permanent snow on its summit with September temperatures often plunging below zero.

For a seasonal overview, check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Kenya.

Weather in Kenya in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)262827252423222326272524
Avg Nightly (°C)131314151412111111131413
Avg Daily (°F)78.882.480.67775.273.471.673.478.880.67775.2
Avg Nightly (°F)55.455.457.25957.253.651.851.851.855.457.255.4
Avg Rainfall (mm)406090130120301010204011080

Why Visit Kenya in September

Hatching green turtle crawls across beach in Kenya in September
A newborn hatchling green sea turtle in Lamu Island, Kenya, crawls toward the Arabian Sea for its first time.
African flamingos that are standing in still water in Kenya in September
The Lesser Flamingo found in Kenya is the shortest of the five species in the world.

September is the best time to visit Kenya if you want to see the majestic wildlife the country is famous for. The undergrowth is short and animals are at their most active during this time of year. Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, has a pleasant daytime temperature during this month for exploring its street markets, museums, and parks. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Kenya in September:

  • Wild, wild country: September is the best time for a safari in Kenya. The big migrations of the Maasai Mara are in full swing and the wildebeest crossings on the Mara River are an incredible sight to behold. Spotting the Big Five — lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and leopards — is also easier in September.
  • Mombasa and Lamu: Mombassa, on the Indian Ocean, is Kenya’s oldest city and retains much of the flavor of its original Islamic settlement. In September, you will encounter large numbers of local tourists on the beaches of Mombasa and the nearby Malindi. For a quieter beach holiday, head north to the islands of the Lamu Archipelago.
  • Trek the equatorial highlands: The cool September weather is perfect for multi-day treks in the highlands of Mount Kenya (5,199m). Do bear in mind that occasional storms can bring flash floods to many of the region’s rivers.
  • Pretty flamingos: Lake Nakuru, one of several alkaline lakes in Kenya’s west, is home to millions of flamingos. In September, the birds are in their most spectacular plumage and the short undergrowth around the lake makes it easy to view them from the low hills surrounding the lake.

Where to Go and What to Do

traveling by car with an open roof in Kenya in September
Travelers can enjoy a jeep safari with an open roof and experience the thrill of the African Savannah in Kenya in August.

September is the best time to visit Kenya to experience the country’s wild animals at close quarters; visit Nairobi National Park to get a first look at some of them. Local safari operators offer day tours to the park with a hotel pickup service.

Nairobi has some fascinating museums that you can visit to take a break from the September sun. The Nairobi National Museum and Banana Hill Art Gallery are popular attractions in the city. Browsing through the street markets of Nairobi for authentic Maasai crafts can also be an exciting experience.

Many of the best attractions in Kenya see large numbers of visitors in September. But while the crowds flock to the beaches along the Indian Ocean and to the savanna grasslands of the Maasai Mara, you can enjoy an off-the-beaten-track experience to discover some of Kenya’s lesser-known game parks. Explore Tsavo National Park, famous for its lions while the beautiful Marsabit Reserve is a prime elephant habitat. You can also visit Amboseli National Park to spot wildlife and enjoy stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Need help planning a customized trip to Kenya in September? Reach out to our local travel experts for a personalized itinerary. To create an itinerary suitable for you, you can check out our guide on how many days to spend in Kenya. For instant inspiration, check out our Kenya tours in September.

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