Japan in September: Weather, Tips & Lively Parades


Watch extraordinary parades on your trip to Japan in August. As summer eases into autumn, travelers can enjoy the flavors of both these seasons during their trip to Japan in September. But that is not all. A trip to the country during this time of year also means that you can tick off the highlights while avoiding crowds. Discover dramatic landscapes and explore bright cities as summer turns to fall and go on a hiking trip through stunning trails before they are closed for winter.

Japan Weather in September

A tropical lagoon and white sand beach in Japan in September.
If you don't mind the heat, head to Okinawa for the sunny tropical scenery.

Japan is still hot in September as the last of the summer sun shines down across its islands. Plus, parts of the country also see heavy rains during this time of year. However, things take a turn for the better during the second half of the month, with warm temperatures and clear blue skies across much of the country.

The temperature of Japan in September averages 26°C, with nighttime temperatures staying at around 20°C. However, the weather in Japan can be unpredictable. Bright and sunny mornings can turn into cloudy afternoons as humidity builds up, eventually leading to rains. Typhoons may also hit the island, but they often move slowly, so keep an eye on the weather forecast during your stay. The mercury shoots up to a sweltering high of 31°C along the sunny tropical shores of Okinawa, barely falling below 26°C during this month.

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Weather in Japan in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)8912172124282926201511
Avg Nightly (°C)2251014182223201594
Avg Daily (°F)46.448.253.662.669.875.282.484.278.8685951.8
Avg Nightly (°F)35.635.6415057.264.471.673.4685948.239.2
Avg Rainfall (mm)4358941191321811281471811588444

Why Visit Japan in September

You can see people carry Shinto Shrine Mikoshi in Japan in September.
You can make your way to the Daradara Festival which features typical street food and portable shrines paraded around the neighborhood.
Famous sumo wrestlers portraits and handprints exhibited in Sumida, Japan.
You can take a trip to Tokyo as one of the six major sumo tournaments is held in September.

An after-summer trip to Japan ensures that crowds are gone and you can explore some of the best places to visit in the country without having to stand in queues. Below are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Japan in September.

  • Easy sightseeing: Fewer tourists mean fewer people blocking your view. Enjoy the best that Japan has to offer without having to contend with hordes of travelers.
  • Lower Rates: Airfare and accommodation costs gradually decrease throughout the month as the summer vacation draws to an end. The later you visit in September, the cheaper your trip will be!
  • Lively parades: Japan’s annual calendar is filled with a variety of festivities and events. As the summer season draws to a close, the nation makes the most of the last few sunny days. Although the biggest party organized during this time of year is the Daradara Festival in Tokyo. Kyoto’s awesome Blue Dragon Festival is also one of the most spectacular ones.
  • September Grand Sumo Tournament: Tokyo hosts the Aki (Autumn) Sumo Tournament during September. This is when sumo wrestlers from across the country compete for a chance to win the Emperor’s Cup.

Where to go and what to do

A ezo red fox hiding in bushes.
September is a great month to spot wildlife in Japan in one of your hiking trails.

Tokyo is the beating heart of Japan and is usually the first stop for most travelers. A city like no other, Tokyo has something incredible on offer for everyone. If you are in town during the first weekend of September, make sure to check out the Kitazawa Hachiman Shrine Festival. Those traveling to Tokyo in mid-September can head for the Daradara Festival held at Shiba Daijingu Shrine to see a parade of performers in traditional outfits.

Another vibrant hub in the country is the dynamic city of Osaka, known throughout the world for its energetic atmosphere and authentic street food. The arrival of autumn is celebrated in Osaka with the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, where music and dances accompany elegantly carved wooden floats through the streets in a fast-paced parade.

Kyoto is famous for its culturally significant landmarks, such as the traditional Kyoto Castle and the historic Kyoto Imperial Palace. The most exciting festival in the city in September is the Blue Dragon Festival, which centers around a 60-foot-long handcrafted dragon carried by pole bearers.

September is a great time to visit Okinawa, whose sandy beaches are no longer buzzing with summer crowds as families return to school and work. The island is known for its stunning shorelines and vast cave networks. The best place to visit on the island on a rainy day is the Gyokusendo Cave and the charming folk craft village at Okinawa World.

On the northern island of Hokkaido, the scenery starts to change as fall colors sweep the countryside. Head for Daisetsuzan National Park if you wish to enjoy the best views of the autumnal landscape. Home to brown bears and red foxes, this park is also filled with gorgeous hiking trails that take you around jagged mountains and through an unspoiled wilderness.

What to bring

An image of hikers climbing Mount Shirouma in the Northern Alps.
You can explore lovely hiking trails on your trip in September.

September is often referred to as Japan’s second rainy season, so make sure to pack several waterproof layers for afternoon showers. The weather is still hot and humid during the first half of this month, so do not forget to pack some lighter, more breathable clothes. Japan is home to a few large insect species that enjoy the humid September climate, which means that insect repellent should also be on the packing list. Anyone hoping to ascend Mount Fuji should bring sturdy shoes, breathable clothes and climbing supplies along with them. Please note that the climbing season ends in mid-September.

A journey of a lifetime awaits you in Japan in September, as hot days promise easy sightseeing and summer crowds retreat. Our local travel experts are ready to help you book your customized trip to Japan.

Check out tours to Japan in September for more information.

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