Indonesia in November: Warm Weather & Clear Beaches


Indonesia may be considered far from an ideal vacation destination in November. But if you are careful about which islands you head to, you can still find plenty of sun and fun activities to do. Indonesia in November witnesses few tourists around and you have a recipe for a perfect holiday. Discover Indonesia in your own time and in a crowd-free environment. Better yet, you will also save up on your travel budget, as there are plenty of off-season deals to be had.

Indonesia Weather in November

Tropical blue ocean with clear weather in November in Indonesia
Enjoy the sunny weather on the beach and set aside some time for yourself.

Whichever Indonesian island you decide to visit in November, rain showers are likely. But thankfully, they stick to the tropical norms and pass after a couple of hours, leaving behind clear blue skies. They also help to keep the humidity down to acceptable levels. When it comes to temperatures, expect lows of 29°C and highs of 36°C. You will get a good amount of time to enjoy the beaches of the archipelago in November, but mountain destinations such as Mount Bromo are more or less off-limits, as the trails are slippery and unsafe during this time.

Check out our seasonal overview for the best time to visit Indonesia.

Weather in Indonesia in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)303031323232313232333231
Avg Nightly (°C)262626262626262626272626
Avg Daily (°F)868687.889.689.689.687.889.689.691.489.687.8
Avg Nightly (°F)78.878.878.878.878.878.878.878.878.880.678.878.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)988475845347315026509073

Why Visit Indonesia in November

View of boat parked next to the shore on Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia
November is a great time for touring Indonesia as the temperature is just perfect.
Sunrise at Mount Bromo in Java Island in Indonesia.
Visit Java Island's Mount Bromo to enjoy the magnificence while avoiding the crowds in November.

If you think you should stay away from Indonesia in November, you would be wrong. Very wrong. Here are some reasons why visiting Indonesia in November is a good idea:

  • Smaller crowds: With the low season in full swing, you will not have to contend with large tourist crowds when touring the local attractions or while finding the best beach spot.
  • Better rates: Hotels and tour companies compete with one another to attract visitors during this time. This means to tour and accommodation rates will be available at cheaper rates. You can also expect good airfare deals. Here are some of our best deals in Indonesia.
  • Celebrate Heroes’ Day: Indonesia celebrates Hari Pahlawan or Heroes’ Day on November 10 to commemorate the national heroes who fought against the British and Dutch troops for Indonesian independence. Many parades and events are held on this day. It is a perfect time for you to learn about the history of Indonesia.
  • Great temperatures: Indonesia stays warm throughout the year, so visiting Indonesia in November is not like tackling the cold of London in February. In between rain showers, there is also plenty of sun for those looking to top up their tan.

Where to Go and What to Do

Mount Ijen is an Indonesian volcano with a lake in its crater
Mount Ijen is most well-known for its impressive crater, Kawah Ijen, where visitors get to experience a turquoise-colored sulphuric lake inside.

Bali sees its fair share of rain in November. However, do not get off one of the country’s best islands just yet. November is the perfect time to see the island’s rice paddies at their most luscious. The best weather in the Moluccas is to be found on the central islands of Seram and Ambon, while the Banda Islands are at the peak of their diving season. Another island group within Indonesia to consider is those of Raja Ampat, with the waters surrounding them both calm and offering some of the best visibility of the year. It is therefore an ideal time to seek out their resident population of manta rays. All in all, there’s an incredible assortment of things to do in Indonesia in November. The number of places to visit also is not as limited as you might think. So be sure to consider how many days you should spend in Indonesia carefully.

There are a whole host of reasons to take a vacation in Indonesia in November. Not only are the rains both predictable and periodical, but the country takes on a new lease of life during this time. Our pick of Indonesia tours is sure to see you right.

If you are after an extra special trip, our local travel experts can help you create a tailormade Indonesia trip in November.

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