Indonesia in June: What to Expect and Where to go!


A trip to Indonesia gears you up for the peak tourist season in June, which means there is an almost unending list of potential activities and excursions on the cards. While many will be seeking out a few relaxing days on the region’s exquisite beaches, others can look forward to unrivaled diving expeditions, memorable hiking trips, and at least one major cultural festival. From beach lovers to nature lovers, cultural buffs to adventure seekers, Indonesia in June has something for everyone.

Indonesia Weather in June

View of a beach in Bali, Indonesia in June
The weather is perfect to have some fun in the sun during June in Indonesia

Most popular travel destinations in Indonesia have ideal travel weather conditions in June, with temperatures between 27°C and 30°C. The west and central parts of the archipelago, including Java, Bali, Flores, Komodo, and the Gilis Islands, experience uninterrupted sun during this month. Expect localized rain showers in places like West Papua and Raja Ampat in the east, but they are usually short to interrupt your holiday plans.

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Weather in Indonesia in June - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)303031323232313232333231
Avg Nightly (°C)262626262626262626272626
Avg Daily (°F)868687.889.689.689.687.889.689.691.489.687.8
Avg Nightly (°F)78.878.878.878.878.878.878.878.878.880.678.878.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)988475845347315026509073

Why Visit Indonesia in June

A romantic getaway in Bali might be just what you need.
The ambiance in Bali sets up the mood for a romantic getaway
The Spice islands of Indonesia.
Visit the Spice Islands of Indonesia in June and immerse yourself in the majestic scenery and the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia

Good weather conditions and the advent of the tourist season are not the only reasons to visit Indonesia in June. Below are some more reasons why you should plan a holiday in Indonesia this month.

  • Pick of the Islands: While the eastern part of Indonesia sees some rainfall in May, lucky for you the regions with the most favored holiday destinations in the west and central regions are free of cloud. This offers an island-hopping extravaganza for travelers.
  • Adventures Galore: The guarantee of good weather means no activity is off the cards, be it coral reef diving, mountain hiking, or taking a guided tour to spot the elusive orangutan.
  • Bali Arts Festival: Check out the Bali Arts Festival, one of Indonesia’s biggest cultural events, which takes place in Denpasar in June. The festival brings together traditional dancers and artists from all around the country.
  • Lesser Crowds: With schools in most parts of the world still in term, Indonesia in June remains relatively uncrowded, allowing visitors to enjoy the country’s top attractions under fine weather conditions and with plenty of space to breathe.

Where to go and what to do

Girl attempting to surfing in Indonesia in June
Enjoy the extensive range of water activities in Indonesia during June

Travel to Indonesia in June and you will be spoiled for choice. If you have just a few days, exploring Bali is ideal. The island serves as a miniature Indonesia, offering beach escapes, watersports, off-road adventures, and a thriving nightlife after dark. Pick to explore Java if you are looking for exciting hiking opportunities. The route to the top of Bromo and Ijen mountains is highly recommended for the mesmerizing vistas they offer.

On Sumatra Island, it is the orangutan spotting that takes the center stage at reserves like Bukit Lawang in June. This is the time when these elusive great apes are attracted to forest clearings, making themselves easier to track down. Lake Toba, the world's largest volcanic lake, is another important attraction to check out. While in the Sumatra region, it is also a good idea to explore the Mentawai Islands and Weh Island, popular among diving and surfing enthusiasts. Another range of things to do in Indonesia in June is visiting Komodo island, home to Komodo dragons and stunning coral reefs. The nearby Flores, meanwhile, makes for a fun sailing destination.

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If you are looking for a great time to visit Indonesia outside of the peak season, then look no further than June. With great weather on your side, you can enjoy the country’s top highlights to your fullest and with reckless abandon. Indonesia in May offers no resistance, all are wide open.

Check out our list of popular Indonesia tours in June, or reach out to our local travel experts to plan a customized trip to Indonesia.

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