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It used to be said that you should avoid a trip to France in August like you would a boring auntie at Christmas. There was a time in the past when the shops of Paris and Normandy would be shuttered as everyone headed to warmer climes further south, in turn ramping up transport and accommodation costs in the French Riviera. Not so anymore. Sure, the French go out on trips of their own during this time of year and schools are on a summer break. However, not all establishments hang the ‘en vacance’ note in the window and a number of destinations from Paris to Chartres host special events too.

France Weather in August

Flying colorful hot air balloons over the purple fragrant lavender fields
Bask in the ambiance of the colorful lavender fields in Valensole, France

The temperature of France in August ranges from the ideal-for-sightseeing 24°C in Paris and Strasbourg to hit-the-beach highs of 27°C in and around Nice. For the most part, you can expect clear skies and plenty of sun, although storms can sweep across northern regions, bringing heavy rain showers. Surprisingly, Paris has been known to hit temperatures of 40°C at times. The best beach weather is undoubtedly in the south, along France’s Mediterranean coastline, therefore, beach tours would be ideal. For the more actively minded, consider the hillsides around Bordeaux or the hiking trails of Brittany, where it is a little cooler.

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Weather in France in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)781216202325252116118
Avg Nightly (°C)335711141616131063
Avg Daily (°F)44.646.453.660.86873.4777769.860.851.846.4
Avg Nightly (°F)37.437.44144.651.857.260.860.855.45042.837.4
Avg Rainfall (mm)182224252624222116252226

Why Visit France in August

The Canal du Midi near Toulouse in autumn, in South of France
The Canal du Midi links the Mediterranean and the Atlantic through 328 structures is one of the most amazing feats of civil engineering in France
View of the city of Paris at dusk with Eiffel Tower in the Center
Tour the aesthetically planned city of Paris, especially during the dusk hours to see the streets illuminated

Those that ignore France in August are missing out. After all, there has to be a reason why around 80 percent of the French people are on a vacation in their own country during this month. Below are some excellent reasons for visiting France in August.

  • Fine Weather: Almost all of ‘le hexagon’ enjoys glorious weather in August. If you are looking for a little sun, this is the place to visit.
  • Long evenings: With daylight hours stretching beyond 9:00 pm, you have got even longer to master the perfect Instagram snap. Plus, long daylight hours also mean that you can cram more into your schedule.
  • Sublime beaches: France’s most popular beaches may be crowded, but there are more than enough sandy stretches to go around and hidden coves will still provide the solitude you are looking for. Even Paris gets in on the beach action with sand and deck chairs lining the River Seine.
  • Long list of events: There is no need to look far for a festival during your stay in France in August, with live jazz performances, fireworks, folk dances, and opera taking place in cities as different as Arles and Cannes.

Where to go and what to do

Autumn mountain landscape with vineyards in Alsace, France
Enjoy a tour in Alsace, well-known for its picturesque architecture, and wines in France

If all this has left you eager for a trip but you are not sure where to go in France in August, do not worry. This country has something for everyone, as you will see. If you have never taken a trip to Paris, you might as well explore the capital at this time of year. Why? Because August 25 marks the Liberation of Paris Festival. Nice is perhaps the best-known spot in the French Riviera for hitting the beach by day and partying long into the night, but Cannes, Antibes, and even Marseille make great alternatives. To avoid crowds, check out the charming villages of France’s northern coast, one of the country’s most historic regions. A tour of Bordeaux is great any time of year due to its mix of wine-making pedigree and stunning chateaus, whilst Perpignan provides a sense of what it means to be Basque and French.

What to bring

Aerial view of Villefranche-Sur-Mer on the French Riviera, France
Visit the France Riviera and experience the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France
Hiking boots of a hiker resting on the grass in July in Provence, France
Relax after an adventurous hike in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France

Avoid wearing anything too heavy – leave your denims at home for another day. The watchwords in France in August are light, breathable fabrics. To avoid standing out as a tourist, stay away from gaudy items – French style is all about sophisticated cuts in one or two colors. A light jacket or a sweater can be useful on chillier evenings, and also looks very chic if draped correctly over the shoulder. You may want to bring an umbrella with you if your itinerary includes the northern part of the country.

With generally pleasant summer weather and a long list of one-off events, France in August should be top of your vacation wish list. So why not check out our pick of France tours in August, or contact our local travel experts to start creating your very own custom trip to France right now?

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