Finland in November: Brace for the Cold Winters


The Scandinavian winter makes its way to Finland in November. The Finnish landscapes are adorned with a white blanket of snow, transforming the country into a hub for snow sports and winter activities, especially Lapland in the north. Take this opportunity to enjoy a snowmobile ride across the Arctic tundra in Rovaniemi, or go for an invigorating session of ice-swimming in Helsinki. November offers a fun-filled Finland holiday with an array of snowy wonders.

Finland Weather in November

Frigid winter in Rovaniemi
Due to its location near the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi has frigid conditions in the winter months.

Precipitation is high with strong winds gusting across Finland in November. The average daylight hours decrease to about 6.5 hours, and most of the country has cold temperatures. Near the Arctic Circle, up in the country's north, Rovaniemi sees an average high of -1.5°C and a low of -6°C. Helsinki, in the south, sees frequent rainfall with thick overcast skies throughout the month. The average high in Helsinki hovers around 4°C, with lows averaging at -0.6°C.

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Weather in Finland in November - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)-1-1281519211914820
Avg Nightly (°C)-9-10-6-149121163-2-7
Avg Daily (°F)
Avg Nightly (°F)15.81421.
Avg Rainfall (mm)604040304060709080708060

Why Visit Finland in November

Aurora borealis in Lapland, Finland in February
Spend a night in the ice hotels to view the magnificent Northern Lights, visible for approximately 200 nights from the Finnish Lapland.
autumn landscape in Finland in November
While most of the country is covered in snow during this time, you can still find the remains of autumn in the south.

November is a transitional month in Finland. While most of the country is covered in snow during this time, you can still find the remains of autumn in the south. Mix the joys of both seasons to plan your itinerary to enjoy the best of Finland. Here are some reasons why visiting Finland in November can be a fun idea: 

  • Snow adventures: The city crowds in Finland have dispersed to indulge in winter adventures up north. The vast expanse of snow in Lapland makes for an ideal winter holiday destination. This is the best time to enjoy an extensive array of sports like skiing, ice skating, sledding, and many more.
  • Winter deals: The peak winter holiday season in Finland kicks off in December, so November is when you can score a delightful Nordic getaway on your travel budget. Get bargains on activities and avoid paying holiday season rates.
  • Northern Lights: November, being the tail end of autumn, might still have some atmospheric disturbances, ideal for aurora borealis or the Northern Lights to form and lure you with their light show. But if you travel further north, the skies become clearer, increasing the chances of seeing this phenomenon.
  • Festivals and events: The Christmas countdown in Finland begins in November. Pre-Christmas parties take off as early as the first week of the month. The celebrations include lighting up and decorating homes, indulging in traditional Christmas glögi (local mulled wine), and hosting people over warm and delightful Finnish food. Meanwhile, Helsinki is the hot spot for contemporary festivals during this time. Get a taste of modern theater at Baltic Circle Festival. Hop across venues spread across the city to check out the contemporary performing arts.

Where to Go and What to Do

Rovaniemi - a winter hut in Santa Claus village
November is also an ideal time to visit Santa Claus’s Village in Rovaniemi to see off the old guy before he begins his world tour.

For snow-clad adventures, follow the frozen trails of Lapland, a great place to be to experience the fun-filled winter holiday in Finland. Visit Levi for unique Finnish experiences like reindeer safaris and ice-fishing.

With Christmas just a month away, November is also an ideal time to visit Santa Claus’s Village in Rovaniemi to see off the old guy before he begins his world tour. For a remote and rustic experience, head to Kuusamo, near the Russian border. The days here are full of adventurous husky tours through the snow-laden wilderness. November is also a great time to go river floating in Kiveskoski in Kuusamo. During the last week of November, do not miss out on the season's first yuletide cheers at a Christmas market in Helsinki.

Finland's weather in November varies quite a bit as you go from south to north. That said, there are plenty of things to do in Finland in November to meet all travel styles and preferences. Helsinki is great for an urban explorer, whereas Lapland is ready to amaze any snow-sports enthusiast. Dressing in weather-approved and activity-appropriate gear is crucial for a comfy winter experience in November in Finland.

Our guide on how many days to spend in Finland can help you get started creating your ideal itinerary. To know more about the available tours, browse through our trips to Finland in November.

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