Finland in March: Taste of Two Seasons


Winter transitions into spring in Finland in March and yet, the country’s popular winter activities are still open. So visitors can take advantage of both spring and winter attractions during this month. Head to Lapland to enjoy the exhilarating snow sports and sleep under the animated lights in a glass igloo; explore the capital of Helsinki to get a taste of Nordic art, culture, and cuisine; and discover the stunning Finnish Lakeland and landscapes. Finland has a wide array of tourist activities and destinations you could choose from.

Finland Weather in March

Helsinki catherdral in spring
While most of the country glistens in the colors of spring in Finland, the southern parts can still be snowy.

As spring approaches, the overall temperature of Finland is warmer compared to the peak winter months. Snowfall is still common in the country's south, with temperatures averaging at -3°C. In Helsinki, the average high can reach up to 2°C, but nights are still cold with the mercury dipping as low as -4°C. Up north in Lapland, the maximum temperature during March does not exceed -1°C. The average low is around -6°C.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Finland.

Weather in Finland in March - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)-1-1281519211914820
Avg Nightly (°C)-9-10-6-149121163-2-7
Avg Daily (°F)
Avg Nightly (°F)15.81421.
Avg Rainfall (mm)604040304060709080708060

Why Visit Finland in March

Sun on the horizon in Finland in March
Plan multiple outdoor activities for March as the daytime increases by up to 10 hours in Finland during this time of the year.
Finnish pea soup
Tuck into hearty local festive fares like 'rieska' bread, peas soup, pancake, and other meat dishes as the locals celebrate Laskiainen to start the Easter countdown.

 Even if it is March, the winter attractions of Finland continue with full steam. What is more, the weather is an improvement and so are the daylight hours. Here are a few other merits of visiting Finland in March:

  • Better Price: March is a shoulder month for tourism in Finland. Lesser number of holiday crowds means you can get accommodation and tours at a bargain.
  • Longer Days: Daylight hours in Finland increase up to 10 hours around March. Pack in as many activities in your day's itinerary to make the most out of your Finnish holiday. You can also take advantage of the longer days to embark on a cross-country skiing tour.
  • Northern Lights: Statistically speaking, March is one of the best months to catch the Northern Lights in their full glory. Geomagnetic disturbances in the air escalate the chances of auroral formation during this time. March equinox is the best time to spot this celestial phenomenon.
  • Finnish Festival: Laskiainen, a traditional festival celebrated to start the Easter countdown, often begins in March. Join the locals as they stop working in the afternoon to start their feasts and festivities. Tuck into hearty local festive fares like 'rieska' bread, peas soup, pancake, and other meat dishes.

Where to go and what to do

Santa clause village in Finland
Though Christmas is over, you can still meet The Man in Red in his hometown at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.

The post-winter month of March is a great month to enjoy the Arctic exotics of Finland. You can still indulge in snow sports in Lapland, like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowboarding during this time.

In Helsinki, visit some trendy Scandi cafes or admire the city’s art and architecture at many city sights like Market Square and Oodi Library.

Travel back into Finland's past with its old capital, Turku, famous for its medieval castle and gothic cathedral and museums. The city has preserved almost 800 years of history intact.

Though Christmas is over, you can still meet The Man in Red in his hometown at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. You can also extend your fairytale holiday by riding a reindeer sleigh under the magical Northern Lights in Harriniva in Muonio. For a slice of polar life, get aboard an icebreaker vessel in the Bothnian Sea. Experience firsthand how vessels break through the frozen sea. You can even walk on the frozen sea under guided supervision.

If you want to relish the winter and spring attractions of Finland, March is the perfect time to visit this mesmerizing country. Chase your dream Arctic adventure when the daylight hours are longer and the cold weather a little more forgiving. Soak in the Nordic history, arts and culture. You can check our guide on how many days to spend in Finland to plan your perfect itinerary to the country. Or, check out our tours to Finland in March for more information.

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