Finland in August: An Autumn Fair


The end of summer and the arrival of cooler weather brings a riot of autumn colors to Finland in August. The forests take on warm foliage of russet and gold, and the wildlife becomes more active as they prepare for the onset of winter.

August is the shoulder season for tourism in Finland. The summer holidays have ended, and the flight and accommodation options are much cheaper. With fewer tourists, you will find it easy to stretch your travel budget to extend your stay and see more of Finland.

Finland Weather in August

Brown bear in the wild in Finland in August
Wildlife sightings in the Finnish forests are frequent in August before the winter hibernation.

The warm temperatures of late summer still hold sway in southern Finland. If you are visiting Helsinki, expect the temperature to hover between 13℃ and 20℃. However, the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Finland encourages rain, around 80mm during August. As you move north, it grows colder, with noticeably shorter days. In the central Finland city of Kajaani, August sees a daytime high of around 18℃, while the night temperature hovers around 9℃. Further up north, the city of Rovaniemi, in Lapland, experiences an average daily high of 16℃ and a low of 8℃. The city sees 10 rainy days on average for the month of August.

For a seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Finland.

Weather in Finland in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)-1-1281519211914820
Avg Nightly (°C)-9-10-6-149121163-2-7
Avg Daily (°F)
Avg Nightly (°F)15.81421.
Avg Rainfall (mm)604040304060709080708060

Why Visit Finland in August

holiday lakehouse in finland in August
Rent a lakehouse to use as a base for activities in the Finnish wilderness during the fall season.
Ferry ride around Helsinki
The Helsinki archipelago consists of 330 islands, most of which can be accessed from the city via short ferry rides

Celebrate the end of summer and prepare for the coming winter with autumn festivals and outdoor events in August. This is also a great month to escape into the country’s wilderness before the winter weather arrives. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Finland in August:

  • Wander around Helsinki: Finland’s capital city sits on a peninsula jutting into the Gulf of Finland. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, Helsinki in August is perfect for city sightseeing. Its long central avenue, Mannerheimintle, features museums such as the National Museum of Finland, street art such as the Three Blacksmiths in Kolmen Square, and several green spaces, including Hesperia Park. You will also encounter many talented street musicians and dozens of cozy cafés along Mannerheimintie.
  • Explore Finland’s Lakeland: Central Finland is home to lakes ranging from vast inland waterways such as Lake Saaima (Europe’s fourth largest lake) to tiny mirror-calm pools hemmed by conifer, birch, and alder forests. In August, wildlife abounds in this leafy wonderland. You can rent a lakehouse (with a sauna, of course) to use as a base for hiking, paddle-boarding, fishing, and bird-watching adventures during the fall season.
  • Spend autumn in the Arctic: Basecamp Oulanka, near the city of Kuusamo, is an eco-resort that combines outdoor (and indoor) adventures with sustainable practices and eco-friendly activities. In August, the resort offers epic white-water rafting packages that will take you down wild rivers deep inside the Arctic Circle.
  • Take a Ferry to the Islands: The Helsinki archipelago consists of 330 islands, most of which can be accessed from the city via short ferry rides or even, in some cases, footpaths and bridges. In August, the coastal scenery with lush forests and sandy beaches is warm and sunny. Most of the islands feature at least one café, pub, or restaurant where you can sit down and take in the view.

Where to Go and What to Do

Ruissalo island adorned in the colors of autumn in finland in august
If you visit the Ruissalo Islands in Finland, you will find the autumn color embellishing the city.

With tourist numbers at their lowest, August is a great time to explore some of Finland’s historic cities. If you visit Turku in southwestern Finland, you will find the autumn color embellishing the city. You can also find the local markets full of local products.

Autumn in Finland is celebrated with bonfires to mark the advent of winter. The Finns traditionally lit the bonfires during the last weekend of August on the beaches to guide the seafarers home. Visitors will also be welcomed to join these festivities. In Helsinki, the annual SAMPO puppet festival kicks off in late August along with the Helsinki Festival of Arts.

If you venture into the north of Finland in August, be prepared for shorter days and colder weather. In Lapland, August is the beginning of the Ruska season. The trees begin to turn, and the wildlife is at its most active. Bird-watching is a popular activity here, as the native species begin migrating south for the winter.

The aurora borealis (Northern Lights) also start lighting up the night skies around this time of year. The further north you travel, the greater the chance of Northern Light sightings. Hikers wishing to experience an extended adventure can walk the 80-kilometer Karhunkierros (Bear’s Ring) Trail, much of which lies within the Oulanka National Park, staying in wilderness huts or at campfire sites.

Helsinki aerial panoramic view at sunset, Finland.
Helsinki is a major hotspot for design and architecture fanatics.

As winter approaches, visitors can expect to be invited to join in with the many festivals and end-of-summer celebrations going on around Finland in August. You can combine city explorations and warm-weather activities in the south with early winter adventures in the north. You can also take advantage of the low-season fares and accommodation deals to make your holiday budget go much further.

Contact our local travel experts in Finland to plan a customized trip to Finland in November. Our guide on how many days to spend in Finland can help you get started with your ideal itinerary. To know more about the available tours, browse through our trips to Finland in August.

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