Egypt in February: Winter Tips and Sightseeing


From the pinnacles of the stacker pyramids to the mighty Nile breathing life into the desert, Egypt is a place of historical and natural wonders. Egypt in February is in the thick of its tourist season, as visitors flock to see the country’s ancient marvels. It is the winter season after all, ideal to head for the hot springs in Siwa. Visitors can also explore the country’s top attractions without having to worry about the draining summer heat. Exploring Egypt is a bucket list activity best experienced during the winter.

Egypt Weather in February

Head to Karnak Temple in Luxor while weather is good in Egypt in February.
February is a good time to visit Luxor as the temperatures are moderate.

Egypt’s weather in February is at its most tolerable. Nationwide temperatures average between 18°C in the day and 9°C at night during this month. Cairo’s temperatures are similar to the national average, with highs of 20°C and lows of 10°C. The notoriously hot city of Luxor also sports balmy weather conditions in February at 25°C during the day. At night, the mercury can drop to 7°C. Alexandria is one of the cooler cities in Egypt in February. Here, temperatures range between 9°C and 19°C, while the sea temperature sits at around 17°C. The winter months are typically when Egypt receives most of its rain but it is still only 0.2 inches for the month.

Check out our guide on the best time to visit Egypt for more information.

Weather in Egypt in February - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)181822273234343332282319
Avg Nightly (°C)9912151820222220181410
Avg Daily (°F)64.464.471.680.689.693.293.291.489.682.473.466.2
Avg Nightly (°F)
Avg Rainfall (mm)1548700105513

Why Visit Egypt in February

Sunlight on the Abu Simbel statues in Egypt.
Twice every year you can see the sunlight enter the darkness and illuminate the statues during Abu Simbel Sun Festival.
Book a sand safari on a jeep while touring Egypt in February.
Hop on a jeep and go on a sand safari in the deserts of Egypt.

Here’s why you should be planning a holiday to Egypt in February:

  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival: This is a biennial festival held in February and October. On February 22, the festival draws thousands of visitors to the site of Abu Simbel Temples to witness the sunshine directly into the holiest room of the temple complex, illuminating the statues of ancient gods.
  • Best time for sightseeing: The weather in Egypt this month is at its best for sightseeing. Towards the end of the month, you will find fewer tourist crowds at the country’s attractions.
  • Sand sports and safari: The cool weather condition of February is perfect to enjoy a camel safari and sand sports in Egyptian deserts. There are many options for visitors from dune bashing to sandboarding to camel safari.

Where to go and what to do

Get on quad bikes and around the desert while visiting Egypt.
ATV and quad bike tours are some of the most popular activities on Egyptian holidays.

While most of the northern hemisphere is shivering in its boots as the cold grips of winter refuse to loosen their hold, it is a different story in Egypt. Head to Cairo to see the bustling city at its best and explore the winding allies and busy bazaars without the oppressive summer heat. The city comes alive during this time as the temperatures remain comfortable. This is also a great time to experience Cairo’s nightlife.

The coastal regions of Egypt are bursting with activities and tour opportunities in February. Head to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Dahab for a lovely beach experience.

The archeological sites on Luxor’s West Bank are some of the most impressive in the world. During other months, Luxor becomes unbearably hot but not so in February. If you visit Egypt in February, you will get to explore the temples and tombs of the ancient pharaohs without worrying about heatstroke.

The image of never-ending desert landscapes with undulating dunes glowing in the sun is synonymous with Egypt. Most months of the year are not great for desert safaris and sand sports but in February, you can do them. Get your blood pumping with sandboarding, ATV tours, camel rides, and Jeep safaris. For desert adventure and activities visit Hurghada or the Great Sand Sea in Siwa. Check out our ATV and quad tours in Egypt.

Relax in the Siwa oasis while visiting Egypt.
Visit the literal oasis in the middle of the desert in Siwa for its hot springs.

Siwa is also renowned for its hot springs. Visit the Siwa Oasis to dip in the tranquil spring pools, renowned for their healing properties. The Berber culture remains strong in this area, offering a classic look at the iconic architecture and traditions that the desert is known for. The landscape dotted with date palms is perfect to enjoy during February with mild temperatures complimented by the warm mineral water.

You would not expect hiking to be a popular activity in Egypt but in February, Mount Sinai becomes a playground for outdoor lovers. The hike is a moderately easy three-mile climb to the summit with 720 steps. From the top, you are rewarded with expansive views across the red rocky valleys.

Egypt is one of the most interesting destinations to visit. This is a cradle of civilization, the ancient land of the pharaohs full of archaeological wonders. Step back in time to see the work of ancient civilization while also enjoying modern holiday activities. The weather is temperate in Egypt in February for sightseeing, spending a relaxing day at the beach, or indulging in adrenaline-pumping sand sports. Look at our customized tour page of Egypt to find a tailor-made tour for your big Egyptian adventure.

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