Egypt in December: Travel Tips for a Beach Holiday


With ambient winter temperatures, a buzzing atmosphere and all resorts filling up for holidays, December is a great time to travel to Egypt. One caveat though: this month is firmly in the peak tourist season, so accommodation prices and crowds are at their highest. Then again, the reason that everyone is here is to enjoy their holidays—and you surely will too. Wander down the narrow lanes of Islamic Cairo and enjoy the sights and sounds of the famous Khan el-Khalili market. Discover the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea during a diving experience and gaze at the grandiose, rock-hewn monuments of Abu Simbel.

Although high-season prices and hordes of tourists might discourage many, if planned properly, traveling to Egypt in December can be an unforgettable way to ring in the holiday season.

Egypt Weather in December

Bab El-Wazir cemetery in Cairo which is a must-see while visiting Egypt.
If you are wondering what to pack for a trip to Cairo in the winter, it can get chilly so you will need warm apparel.

The temperature in Egypt in December is a cool 19℃, which might sound low for a country in North Africa. However, compared with December temperatures across Europe, this is positively tropical. In Cairo, temperatures can go as high as 21℃, while the lows can be a nippy 11℃.

December also happens to be the month with the most rainfall, especially around Cairo, but all in all, this only accounts for a nationwide average of 15mm for the entire month. Pack an umbrella or a lightweight waterproof jacket and you should be covered.

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Weather in Egypt in December - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)181822273234343332282319
Avg Nightly (°C)9912151820222220181410
Avg Daily (°F)64.464.471.680.689.693.293.291.489.682.473.466.2
Avg Nightly (°F)
Avg Rainfall (mm)1548700105513

Why Visit Egypt in December

You can relax on this sunny beach in Sharm el Sheik while visiting Egypt.
Egyptian winter still has warm conditions which means the Red Sea coast is ideal for a beach holiday.
You can get on a camel rides like these tourists while touring Egypt.
December is peak season in Egypt so you can expect a lot of travel options.

December being the height of the peak season, there are plenty of things to do in Egypt. We have listed a few of them below.

  • Coptic Christmas: Egypt is home to a slightly different Christmas tradition. The Coptic sect of Christianity is the most widely followed form of this religion in Egypt. It celebrates Christmas in January, unlike Catholics and protestants. However, in the month preceding it, there is a celebration called Kiahk, which includes intermittent fasting and revelry.
  • International Cairo Biennale: If you are lucky enough to be visiting Cairo during one of the years when the International Cairo Biennale is on, you can experience plenty of art, music and culture from around the country and the world. This is the time when Cairo turns into a living, breathing, interactive museum.
  • More excursions: A peak tourist season does mean more crowds and higher rates. However, this also means that more options are available for travelers and highlights are more accessible than at other times of year. Tour operators expect a lot of business during December and they tend to be open for longer hours.
  • Beaches aplenty: December is a great time to head to the beach towns of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Relatively warm weather conditions during this month make these places great spots for a late-in-the-year relaxing beach holiday in Egypt.

Where to go and what to do

You can visit these famous landmarks in Luxor on your trip to Egypt.
Sightseeing tours in Luxor are amazing in December due to ideal weather conditions.

Winter in Egypt means temperatures begin to drop. The weather in Egypt becomes ideal for traveling to the south and experiencing the attractions that are difficult to enjoy during hot summer days. A trip to iconic spots like Luxor and Abu Simbel is better experienced when weather conditions are not stifling. The Temple of Karnak and the Valley of Kings are some of the must-see sites here.

December is also a great month to go on a sunset camel ride past the famous Pyramids of Giza and other historic wonders. Just bring an extra layer of clothes, as temperatures do tend to drop suddenly at nighttime.

If you love hiking, then this is a great month to explore Mount Sinai. Its ancient, serpentine paths lead to a church and a monastery, the latter being the starting point for those heading to the top of the mountain. This is a great opportunity to explore the Egyptian landscape and culture in one activity.

If you are looking for a cool, authentic Egyptian souvenir, why not try and haggle up a storm in one of Cairo’s popular street markets? Remember, haggling is a custom in this part of the world, so do not hesitate to drive a hard bargain.

There is a reason why everyone should be visiting Egypt in December. It is one of the best months to discover the country in all its glory and delve into its wealth of culture and history. Moreover, cooler temperatures mean that you will not sweat a bucket while exploring iconic sites.

You can customize your trip to Egypt with the help of our travel specialists here. They can prepare a personalized itinerary based on your requirements.

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