Cuba in July: Best Destinations, Tips and Weather


Travel to Cuba and head out to beach resorts to enjoy the summer season in July. The country is in a jubilant mood during this time of year as carnivals and festivals showcasing exuberant Cuban culture take place across the country. Plus, all over the country, locals mark their most revered modern event—the Cuban Revolution—during this month. Travel back to the past in Santiago de Cuba and visit its imposing fortress. Explore the Vinales Valley, surrounded by mountains and known for its tobacco plantations, and kick back on the beaches of Cienfuegos.

Weather in Cuba in July

Aerial view of Vinales Valley in Cuba during July
Enjoy a serene view of Vinales Valley on your tour to Cuba in July

July is the middle of the rainy season in Cuba. Afternoons see heavy rainfall with thunderstorms during this month, while mornings are relatively cooler. Likewise, evenings are sunny and humid in Cuba in July. Although this month is a hurricane season in the Caribbean, getting caught up in one of these weather events is slim. In Santiago de Cuba and the eastern Oriente province, you will experience temperatures ranging from a comfortable low of 21℃ to a high of 31℃. In Havana, the average high is 31℃, whereas the average low is 27℃.

For a seasonal overview, check out our travel guide on the best time to visit Cuba.

Weather in Cuba in July - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)262728303132323231302827
Avg Nightly (°C)161718192122222222201918
Avg Daily (°F)78.880.682.48687.889.689.689.687.88682.480.6
Avg Nightly (°F)60.862.664.466.269.871.671.671.671.66866.264.4
Avg Rainfall (mm)201040307080507070804030

Why Visit Cuba in July

The view of mausoleum of Che in Santa Clara, Cuba
If you're taking a road trip to the sites associated with Cuba’s revolution, you have to visit the Mausoleum of Che in Santa Clara to pay homage to the revolutionary icon
A fishing charter guide holds up a barracuda from a boat in Varadero, Cuba
Indulge in sport fishing while touring Havana and/or Varadero on your trip to Cuba in July

July is a suitable time to visit Cuba, especially for those interested in Cuban history. However, this is more to this month than just celebrations. Below are a few more reasons why you might want to head to the country during this time of year.

  • Revolutionary road: Set off on a road trip from Santiago de Cuba to the sites associated with Cuba’s revolution. These include Finca Minacas (Fidel Castro’s birthplace), Santa Clara (Che Guevara’s grave), and the notorious Bay of Pigs, which was the scene of an abortive raid by US forces more than six decades ago.
  • Havana tours: Cuba’s capital throbs with festivals and celebrations in July. Streets are decked with flags and the locals come out in force for political rallies and public speeches. Mornings are perfect for exploring the plazas of Havana Vieja (Old Havana). When afternoon rains clear, you can join the families strolling along the Malecón sea wall on the edge of Havana Bay.
  • Sportfishing: July is the peak month for game fishing in Cuba. Famous authors such as Zane Grey and Ernest Hemmingway would travel to Cuba from the US every July to indulge their game-fishing passion, and you can do the same. The marinas at Havana and Varadero are the main gateways for trips out into the waters where big billfish roam.
  • Festival frenzy: In early July, Santiago de Cuba hosts its annual Fiesta del Caribe music festival which brings musicians from all over the Caribbean to celebrate the region’s unique musical styles with street concerts and performances by comparsas carnival troupes. The city is also the location of Cuba’s largest and most flamboyant carnival, which brings an explosion of color, drumming, dancing, and food to the city’s streets in the last week of July. This month also sees a low-budget film festival in the out-of-the-way coastal town of Gibara in Holguín province, a lowkey event that still manages to draw filmmakers from all over the world.

Where to Go and What to Do

The view of the city of Trinidad - UNESCO world heritage site, Cuba in July
During July, explore the museums and monuments in Trinidad, Cuba

July is Cuba’s holiday month. Beaches become crowded during this time and flights to the country are more expensive and harder to book. However, most people tend to stay in all-inclusive beach resorts, which means that you can still enjoy lower costs and smaller crowds in other parts of the country.

This is also the month when Cubans celebrate the 1953 Revolution in which Fidel Castro’s forces took power. Huge rallies are held across the country on July 26, including in Havana, Santa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba.

Trinidad is a city steeped in history and July is a good month to browse through the exhibits of its many museums while the rain tumbles down outside. Of particular note is the Romance Museum in Brunet Palace which is crammed with china and furniture from Cuba’s opulent heydays, and the Architecture Museum where you can discover the evolution of the city’s many colonial buildings.

What to bring

Cayo Gulliermo_Cuba in November
The pristine white sand of Playa Pilar beach in Cayo Guillermo provides a stunning front-row view of the Caribbean sea
Aerial view of Varadero on a clear sunny day, Cuba in July
Enjoy the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches in Varadero, Cuba

You will definitely need to bring a raincoat when you travel to Cuba in July. Pack lightweight clothes that dry easily along with light footwear that will not be ruined by showers. Rains draw out swarms of bugs—especially mosquitoes—so carry insect repellents (products containing DEET are best) along with you as they are expensive and scarce in Cuba. Sleeping under a mosquito net will keep the airborne critters at bay and make your nights more relaxed.

July is a month of exuberant celebrations all across Cuba and a time when locals take their summer holidays. Joining in with the July crowds is a great way to get to know the people of Cuba and learn more about the fascinating history and unique culture of this Caribbean island.

If you need help planning a customized trip to Cuba in July, you can always reach out to our local travel experts who can devise a tailor-made itinerary for you. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Cuba tours in July.

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