Colombia in October: Sunny Mornings and Rainy Afternoons


October is part of the rainy season in Colombia. However, in the higher altitude areas, such as the capital, Bogotá, the weather settles down to a more tranquil period of clear mornings with afternoon showers. The month falls in the low tourist season, so it is ideal for a trip to Colombia if you wish to avoid vacationers crowding the country’s popular tourist attractions. Rainy weather can also be a great excuse for you to explore the many indoor attractions of Colombia of which there is no dearth. Get mesmerized by the magnificent museums and the intricate architecture of many churches. The northern coasts of Colombia are still balmy even in the rain, while the mountainous central regions have spectacular snowcaps. What is more, October is also a great time to explore the Amazonian forests. The region gets little rain around this time.

Colombia Weather in October

La Ermita Church   Cali, Colombia in October
Explore indoor attractions and get mesmerized by the magnificent museums and the intricate architecture in many of its churches.

The varied geographical regions in Colombia produce many microclimates around the country. Its proximity to the equator keeps the temperatures relatively constant.

If you are traveling to Bogota, expect shorter days and a temperature range between 8℃ and 19℃. The city sees around 11 days of rain across the month. In the Amazonian region of Leticia, the temperatures range between 20℃ and 29℃ with little rain. Along the northern coasts of Colombia, the equatorial climate still holds sway, with temperatures fluctuating between 25℃ and 31℃ in places like Cartagena and the offshore Rosario and San Bernardo Islands.

For a complete seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Colombia.

Weather in Colombia in October - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)191819181817171718192018
Avg Nightly (°C)971011111110109876
Avg Daily (°F)66.264.466.264.464.462.662.662.664.466.26864.4
Avg Nightly (°F)48.244.65051.851.851.8505048.246.444.642.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)3040509080404040701107050

Why Visit Colombia in October

humpback whale breaching in the waters of Gorgona island, Colombia in June
Thousands of humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Colombia's Pacific Coast for breeding.
Colombia roasted coffee
Colombian coffee is known for its rich and robust flavors.

With sparse crowds, a trip to Colombia in October will allow you to explore the country’s cultural and natural landscapes more intimately. Colombia’s rural areas bustle with harvest activities around this time and there are celebrations of Dia de la Reza (Columbus Day) and Halloween to look forward to. Here are some more reasons why you should visit Colombia in October:

  • Jungleland Journeys: Although the rainy season may be in progress in the north and west of Colombia in October, the waterways and rivers in the Amazon region, close to the Peruvian and Brazilian borders, are at their lowest, making it a great time to explore the local jungles and swamps. Base yourself in the town of Leticia and take trips up the nearby rivers into seasonally-flooded forests, fish for piranhas, or sit by the river and watch the world go by on the big river.
  • A Whale of a Time: October is peak migration season for humpback whales along Colombia’s Pacific coast. Towns such as Nuiquí on the estuary of the Rio Nuqui River have a well-developed whale-watching industry along with eco-tours into the mangrove swamps. Surfers will also find a set of impressive breaks at Playa Olímpica, Guachalito, and Terquito.
  • Coffee is Life: Coffee harvest in Colombia begins in October. This is a perfect time to visit a coffee plantation. Traveling to Salento in the Central Cordillera region of Colombia will put you in the heart of the country’s coffee-producing region. You can also visit the nearby Cocora Valley to see the strange groves of towering wax palms.
  • Columbus Day: Colombians love a parade and a street party. On October 12th, the country celebrates the day Christoper Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492. The Dia de la Race (the Day of the Race) is marked by a public holiday and all manner of parades celebrating the different races, both indigenous and foreign, that makeup Colombia’s cosmopolitan population. There are street fairs, colorful costumes, music, dance, and lots of food.

Where to Go and What to Do

Indigenous huts near Cuidad Perdida in October
Fewer crowds make this the best time to undertake the hike to the fabled lost city of Cuidad Perdida in October.

Although the weather in the north of Colombia in October can be rainy, the lack of crowds makes this the best time to undertake the hike to the fabled lost city of Cuidad Perdida. Hidden in the jungle inland from Santa Marta, on the northeast tip of Colombia, this four-day trek will take you through the deep jungle along the Buritaca River to the abandoned stone city that predates Peru’s Machu Picchu by several hundred years.

The lush hills and valleys around Salento and the Los Nevados National Park are prime habitats for hummingbirds, so bird watchers and coffee aficionados can combine their passions here. The friendly town of Manizales — known locally as “the city of open doors” — is a good base for exploring the park. You can take in the expansive view of the city and its surroundings from the top of the tower of Manizales Cathedral and watch the epic sunsets from the Chipre neighborhood, where locals set up food stalls each evening.

In Bogotá, you can while away the rainy October afternoons by exploring some of the city’s excellent museums. The Gold Museum has the largest collection of pre-Columbian gold artifacts, while the Botero Museum features works by the Colombian sculptor, Fernando Botero. Early risers can visit the Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao food market and sip a coffee in a street café as the October morning warms up after a chilly Bogotá night.

Colombia in October is a low-key month where the changeability of the weather is easily compensated. Yet there are several things to do in Colombia. October is a budget-friendly month to visit the cities around Colombia, as well as seek adventures in the wild Amazon.

If you would like us to help plan a trip to Colombia, you can check out our guide on how many days to spend in Colombia. Or, reach out to our local travel experts to create a customized trip to Colombia. For more information, check out our tours to Colombia in October.

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