Best Time to Visit Oman

°C °F
  • JAN Avg Daily: 25 °C Avg Nightly: 17 °C Avg Daily: 77 °F Avg Nightly: 63 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • FEB Avg Daily: 26 °C Avg Nightly: 18 °C Avg Daily: 79 °F Avg Nightly: 64 °F Avg Rainfall: 30 mm
  • MAR Avg Daily: 30 °C Avg Nightly: 21 °C Avg Daily: 86 °F Avg Nightly: 70 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • APR Avg Daily: 35 °C Avg Nightly: 25 °C Avg Daily: 95 °F Avg Nightly: 77 °F Avg Rainfall: 20 mm
  • MAY Avg Daily: 39 °C Avg Nightly: 29 °C Avg Daily: 102 °F Avg Nightly: 84 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • JUN Avg Daily: 40 °C Avg Nightly: 30 °C Avg Daily: 104 °F Avg Nightly: 86 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • JUL Avg Daily: 38 °C Avg Nightly: 31 °C Avg Daily: 100 °F Avg Nightly: 88 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • AUG Avg Daily: 25 °C Avg Nightly: 28 °C Avg Daily: 77 °F Avg Nightly: 82 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • SEP Avg Daily: 36 °C Avg Nightly: 28 °C Avg Daily: 97 °F Avg Nightly: 82 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • OCT Avg Daily: 35 °C Avg Nightly: 25 °C Avg Daily: 95 °F Avg Nightly: 77 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • NOV Avg Daily: 31 °C Avg Nightly: 21 °C Avg Daily: 88 °F Avg Nightly: 70 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
  • DEC Avg Daily: 27 °C Avg Nightly: 19 °C Avg Daily: 81 °F Avg Nightly: 66 °F Avg Rainfall: 10 mm
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  • Fair
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Step back in time to a country with a laid-back attitude, where development and commercialization are yet to see the light of the day. Oman is a traditional country - one with beautiful oases, towering mountains, and jagged valleys. If you want a holiday where you can experience the modern lifestyle in the ultra-modern cities of Muscat, Salalah, or Sohar, and experience traditional Arabian living, Oman is the place to be. The only question that remains is: when to visit Oman?

Grand Mosque Oman
The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman.

Quick Facts

  • High Season: October - March
  • Low Season: June - September
  • All Seasons: October - March (winter), April - May (spring), June - September (summer)
  • The best time to visit Oman is between October - March, during the winter months when the weather is pleasant and cool.
  • April and May are the shoulder seasons when the weather is still pleasant, but warmer than in the winter months.
  • It is recommended that you do not travel to Oman between June and September, as it is the peak summer season, and the weather will be scorching hot.

Oman is a country with much to offer. From the historical quarters in old Muscat to the towering mountains at Western Hajar, there are lots of surprises hidden within the country. It still has not been commercialized yet, so you can still explore the old-world charm of the country. You just have to find out when to visit Oman!

The best time to visit Oman is definitely between October and March, during the ‘winter season. The weather in Oman is temperate and pleasant, with cool evenings and balmy days. There is little to no rainfall during this season, so you can be assured that nothing will rain on your parade!

April and May are also good months to visit Oman. These shoulder months act as a buffer between the comfortable cold of the winter and the scorching heat of the summer. While the temperature starts rising during this month, it is still pretty cold, especially during the night. These are not the peak months to travel, so you can expect some discount on travel and accommodation during this period as well!

Seasonal Overview

October to March — Winter / High Season

Salah Oman
Experience mountains and waterfalls in Salalah, Oman.

The weather in Oman will be highly pleasant. The day temperatures will be moderate and balmy, whereas the nights will be quite chilly. The chill intensifies in the elevated spots around the country, like the Saiq Plateau or Western Hajar. There is little to no rainfall during this entire season, except for a few scattered showers in December - March, but they won’t be so heavy that they interrupt plans. This is the high season for traveling to Oman, so you should book your tickets and accommodation in advance, to avoid any increase in the charges.

  • Avg. Temperature: 63 – 95° F / 17 – 35° C (in Muscat)
  • Rainfall: 10 – 30 mm
  • Season: Winter Season
  • Highlights: This is when to visit Oman if you want to travel the entire country. The weather is pleasant everywhere- from the Musandam Peninsula, and the Hajar Mountains, the rose blossoms in Jebel Akkdar, to Salalah! This is a popular time for tourists to head to Muscat, especially around Christmas time. There are some exciting festivals taking place during this season as well. The most important is the Muscat Festival, which is a month-long celebration of Omani culture. The autumn harvest festival takes place in September, so you can definitely stock up on all the walnuts and pomegranates you want!

April to May — Spring / Good Season

The temperature is slightly warmer during this period, even during the nights. The humidity levels are generally lower, especially in May. There is little to no rain during this season. This is the shoulder season before the weather in Oman gets unbearably hot. This season is not as busy as the winter season, so you should be able to get accommodation and travel options at a cheaper price.

  • Avg. Temperature: 77 – 102° F / 25 – 39° C (in Muscat)
  • Rainfall: 10 – 20 mm
  • Season: Spring Season
  • Highlights: If you are traveling to Oman during these months, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of winter travel, without having to deal with the crowds. You must visit the Jebel Akhdar Mountains, where the roses would have started to bloom by April. The apricot festival is held in May, which is the month of the fruit harvest, so you can indulge by binging on your favorite Arabian treats. This is when to visit Oman if you want to relax by the ocean - the coastal town of Al Batinah, with its palm beaches, awaits you, as does the Ras al Jinz beach, where you can spot turtles!
Harbor at Muscat
The Harbor in Muscat.

June to September — Summer / Low Season

The weather becomes unbearably hot around this time. It’s dry and scorching hot, making this a bad time to travel to the country. It is recommended that you do not visit Oman during the summer. Except for Salalah, which has a moderate climate during these months, the rest of the country will be dangerously arid and dry.

  • Avg. Temperature: 86 – 104° F / 30 – 40° C (in Muscat)
  • Rainfall: 10 mm
  • Season: Summer Season
  • Highlights: If you still wish to visit Oman during these months, you should head to the mountains. The Hajar Mountains, Musandam Peninsula, or the beautiful town of Khasab, will be much cooler compared to other parts of the country. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you can always head to Ras al Jinz beach, where the number of turtles increases phenomenally during this season.
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