Argentina to Antarctica: How to Travel


Home to a spectacular icy landscape, mega glaciers, and marine mammals like emperor penguins, fur seals, and whales, Antarctica is a place like no other. Once the exclusive destination for explorers and researchers, today the White Continent also draws a large number of adventurous travelers from around the world. The best way to get to Antarctica is from the southern tip of South America. Here we have come up with the best tips and advice for your Argentina to Antarctica trip, from the best ways to get there to things to keep in mind while traveling on the White Continent.

Ways to Get There

There are two main modes of transportation you can choose from to travel from Argentina to Antarctica: an aircraft or a ship. The ideal option will depend on the region of the continent you intend to explore and your budget.

By cruise

Cruise ship in Antarctica in sunny day passing the mountains and glaciers.
If you enjoy the sea, taking a cruise from Argentina to Antarctica is a great alternative.

The most popular method of getting to Antarctica is by ship. This is an excellent option for those who love the sea and are comfortable traveling for a lengthy period of time. A cruise tour to Antarctica will typically last for six to twenty days and cost somewhere between USD 6,000 to USD 20,000. Most cruises to Antarctica from Argentina depart from Ushuaia. Although you can also leave from Buenos Aires, traveling between the two Argentine cities. You will travel for around one and a half to two days, sailing the Beagle Channel and traversing the infamous Drake Passage. During this trip, you can also sight penguins, dolphins, and other aquatic animals. Traveling from Argentina to Antarctica by boat is also a responsible way of ensuring your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

Pro tips:

  • Keep in mind that the weather could make your trip to Antarctica longer, particularly if the Drake Passage is experiencing rough seas.
  • Smaller yachts and ships are considered preferable. Additionally, you will be able to reach additional areas that larger ships find challenging to access. Large Antarctica cruise ships, however, are often the best choice if you get motion sickness, as they are more stable when traveling through the Drake Passage.
  • The Antarctic cruise season, which spans from November to March, provides much safer weather and travel routes. Antarctica travel is most affordable during November.

By flight:

A passenger plane landing on Antarctic land.
Traveling by plane is growing in popularity among tourists to Antarctica because it only takes two to three hours.

Although expensive, flying is the most convenient way to reach Antarctica. Flying also has the major benefit of avoiding the Drake Passage, which drastically cuts down on trip time. As the journey barely takes two to three hours, the fly-cruise option is becoming more popular among visitors to Antarctica. However, this is pricey and often costs about USD 30,000.

Pro tips:

  • Although you can avoid the rough seas in the Drake Passage, note that flights could still get delayed due to weather conditions.
  • The flying season only lasts from December through February.
  • Since flying is a less popular option than taking an Antarctica cruise, your itinerary and departure dates are more limited. Scheduling in advance is therefore encouraged; then again, making a last-minute reservation boosts your likelihood of getting amazing deals and discounts.
  • Travelers who wish to fly to Antarctica from Argentina typically board a plane in Tierra del Fuego, Chile, and fly to King George Island in the South Shetland Islands, which is relatively close to the Antarctic Peninsula. Following the voyage, which should take approximately two and a half hours, you can board a cruise ship from there.
  • Even if you fly, you will not totally miss out on an adventure. Skiing to the South Pole and climbing Vinson Massif are two activities that are only possible by flying over.

Antarctica Tours

Plan an all-inclusive tour to Antarctica departing from Argentina with us. We will sort your accommodation, meals, and transport requirements so that you can enjoy a seamless travel experience. The Antarctica packaged tours provided here are ideal for first-timers.

  • Enjoy a fully guided ten-day vacation to Antarctica starting and ending in Ushuaia, Argentina. Pass through King George and South Shetlands. Witness spectacular wildlife and exquisite scenery, and learn about the region from experienced guides during the expedition.
  • Be a part of an eleven-day tour exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. Commencing a trip to Buenos Aires, enjoy helicopter flightseeing, environmental talks, and guided polar expeditions to name a few. You will also be passing through the South Shetland Islands and the famous Beagle Channel.

If you are looking to explore more, there are other destinations in Antarctica with abundant opportunities to venture out. You can check out the guide on things to do in Antarctica to find the activities that best suit you. For a seasonal overview of the country, you read our guide on the best time to visit Antarctica.

Create your custom-made trip to Antarctica

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