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Argentina in July: Bustling Mountains, Quiet Cities


July falls in the middle of the winter season in Argentina. This is when most attractions see all-time-low crowds except for the ski resorts across the country that are bustling with visitors. Take advantage of less-crowded trails to discover the northwestern part of the country and enjoy an affordable stay in larger cities, where hotels vie for your attention and offer discounts.

Weather in Argentina in July

Purmamarca and the Hill of Seven Colours, Argentina
The mountain of seven colors has slopes with vivid colors painted in distinct hues: brown, purple-brown, pink, red, white, yellow, and green.

Wrap yourself in an extra layer of clothing while heading for Argentina in July. Winters in Argentina are cold, and it gets even more brutal as you head southward. However, the climate in the country’s north is favorable compared with other regions. On average, temperatures in this part of the country hover between 14°C to 18°C but can rise to 23°C in some places. Chances of precipitation are consistently low during this time of year.

Buenos Aires and the rest of the northeast have fewer chances of rain in July. The weather in this region is pleasant, with the highs occasionally breaching the 18°C mark and the lows hovering between 6°C to 8°C.
If you are traveling to Patagonia, however, expect haywire weather conditions. Here, visitors can experience all four seasons on a single day, with the weather changing dramatically at the drop of a hat. Days are short and precipitation high in Patagonia in July, and one must be prepared for the spine-tingling cold as temperatures drop to -2°C.

For seasonal insights, read our travel guide on the best time to visit Argentina.

Why Visit Argentina in July

Natural habitat of Magellanic penguins
Puerto Madryn is the natural habitat of Magellanic penguins.
Colorful Building La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A combination of marvelous architectural and cultural heritage and modern lifestyle makes Buenos Aires one of the most exciting cities in South America.

There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Argentina in July, especially since this month is primed for outdoor activities and cultural events. Additionally, low tourist traffic in most parts of the country also makes it significantly easier to enjoy popular attractions.

  • Peak ski season: July is the busiest month for Argentina’s ski resorts. Travelers from all over the world can be found whooshing down the country’s slopes at this time of year. For those who wish to experience bustling tourist activities and high-quality service, there are Cerro Cathedral and Chapelco. Those who wish to avoid crowds can head to La Hoya or up-and-coming Cerro Bayo (all these destinations are located in Patagonia).
  • Warm and dry north: July is a great time to explore Argentina’s northern region. A trip to Iguazu National Park to see one of the largest waterfalls in the world would be ideal during this time. The park has a subtropical climate and the weather is cool in July.
  • Less footfall: While ski resorts enjoy a booming business, the rest of Argentina enters into a period of hibernation. However, most attractions are still open, making it suitable to discover places usually crawling with visitors. Take this opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour of Buenos Aires and tick highlights like Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada off your bucket list.
  • Cheaper rates: If you start planning for your Argentina trip in July a few months in advance, you are very likely to grab the lowest possible prices of the year both for flights and accommodation. This applies to places across the country barring ski resorts. However, fares start rising as days get closer to receso (winter holidays). This is a period where internal tourism spikes across the country.

What to do in Argentina in July

Gorgeous view from the top of Cerro Companario in Nahuel Huapi National Par
Nahuel Huapi National Park is home to vast lakes, the Rio Manso, and the impressive Andes landscape that allows incredible trekking, kayaking, or rafting opportunities.

Take advantage of the low season to explore major attractions at a comfortable pace. Take in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires while the footfall is still low. Wander among its narrow alleys and passageways without having to worry about crowds. The other destination that you might want to add to your itinerary is Cordoba. Make sure that you check out the Alpine Chocolate Festival, held in Villa General Belgrano, and enjoy a wide selection of handmade sweets while you are in the region.

If snow is your thing, then head for Bariloche, which comes alive during a snow festival at this time of year. Held in Cerro Cathedral, this event lasts for four days and offers a variety of entertainment, ranging from a lumberjack contest and a downhill torch parade to a splendid display of fireworks.

As skiing enthusiasts march to snowy mountain resorts like Cerro Bayo and Chapelco, tourism activity is sparse in the rest of Argentina in July. This makes it ideal for city sightseeing tours and outdoor activities like hiking and camping trips. Plus, you can take advantage of low-season rates and enjoy discounts on flights and accommodation.

Heading for Argentina during a low season can be tricky. Reach out to our local travel experts in Argentina to plan a tailor-made trip across Argentina. For instant ideas and inspiration, make sure that you check out our tours to Argentina in July.

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