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Argentina in December: Summer in Southern Hemisphere


Spring turns to summer in countries across the Southern Hemisphere including Argentina in December. This is the month when remote corners of Patagonia and Ushuaia become accessible to tourists again. However, since crowds are yet to descend to highlights across the country, you have most of the landmarks for yourself. Be it relaxing on the balmy beaches of Mar del Plata, discovering Argentina’s great outdoors in Bariloche, or enjoying the laid-back vibes and stunning architecture of Salta, there are tons of activities to enjoy in Argentina in December.

Argentina’s Weather in December

Woman hiker enjoys view of the lake and mountains. Bariloche, Argentina
Bariloche is a popular base for hiking in the nearby mountains and exploring the surrounding Lake District in the summer.

Although December heralds the beginning of summer, temperatures across the country can vary, given the vast stretch that Argentina’s landmass occupies. Temperatures range from 16°C and 28°C in Buenos Aires and the north-western province of Salta. It is much cooler down south in Patagonia and the Argentine lake district of San Carlos de Bariloche, with the mercury hovering between 10°C to 16°C. Trekking is the most-preferred activity in southern parts of the country in December. However, please keep in mind that strong Patagonian winds might interrupt your hike at this time of year.

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Why Visit Argentina in December

Meat roasted empanas on rustic board.
Most Argentina cuisine is a culinary blend of Mediterranean influences brought by the Spanish immigrants.

Like much of the world, December is a month of festivities in Argentina. However, since the peak season is yet to kick in, you can get discounts at hotels, stores, and tourist centers during this time. Below are some of the best reasons to head for Argentina in December.

  • Beautiful beaches: The start of the summer season means that it is possible to enjoy a beach stay in Argentina in December. Relax on pristine white sand beaches before the foot traffic increases.
  • Good food: Do not miss out on a chance to experience Argentina’s unique Christmas traditions and dig into their delectable cuisine while you are in the country. The festival sees people enjoy heaps of delicacies prepared with steak, lamb, and sausages. Keep an eye out for matambre — a stuffed flanked steak served with chimichurri sauce.
  • Festivals: Streets are busier than usual throughout December. Attend the five-day-long Buenos Aires Jazz Festival as well as New Year’s Eve celebrations in the capital. Else, head for Puerto Madero, where the night sky is lit bright with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Where to go and what to do

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina
Be prepared for the crowded viewing decks while visiting Perito Moreno in December — the best time to visit the glacier.

The immense size of Argentina (it is the second-largest country in South America with more than 3,000 miles of coastline) means that there are tons of sights to tick off, ranging from mountains, deserts, and beaches to lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls. December is a great time of year to vacation in Argentina regardless of your preferences.

The Argentine Patagonia is part of most travelers’ itineraries. The top highlight of this region includes Los Glaciares National Park. More than 350 glaciers float over icy blue lakes in the nature reserve, with the Perito Moreno Glacier being the most famous. The other popular option is a trip to Fitz Roy massif, whose base is scoured with numerous trekking routes. Discover Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, and hike through the Andes. Go on a horseback ride through the fertile Pampas, known for its cowboy traditions, and be part of a wine tour in Mendoza. If you prefer hiking and rock climbing, you might also want to add trips to El Chalten or visit El Calafate.

Browse through our travel guide on things to do in Argentina for more details.

What to bring

Lighthouse of the end of the world stock photo in Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia in Argentina boasts a picture-perfect view of the dramatic mountains, stunning coastline, and rugged wilderness.

Consider packing light if you are traveling to Argentina in December. Comfortable summer clothes should be enough for your stay in the northern parts of the country. If your itinerary also includes holidaying in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, then make sure to carry warm clothes and base layers along with you. An umbrella might come in handy just in case you encounter a few scattered showers.

No destination is off bounds in Argentina in December, but a 10-day trip to Argentina would be enough to get around the major highlights. Although it might get quite chilly in the southern parts of the country, the range of discounts available makes it more than worth it. In case you would like to book a customized tour of Argentina, feel free to reach out to our travel experts in Argentina. You can also browse through our trips to Argentina in December for instant inspiration.

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