Are You Ready for a Holiday? 8 Signs it's Time for an Adventure!


Is work dragging? Are you finding yourself forever dreaming of warmer days and sunny shores? Before you come to the conclusion that your life sucks, your job is rubbish and all is terrible with the world, consider this — perhaps it’s time for an adventure. These are all the signs that indicate it may be about time you get those bags packed, and adventure mode switched ON.

1. Winter feels like it has never ended

Well firstly, if you are from the UK or anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, as a fellow Brit, I can confirm winter has now been going on for 13 months straight. Or so it feels, at any rate. The lack of sun, skies drizzling for what seems like everyday, dark nights and general ‘meh’ feeling are enough to get anyone down, so maybe it’s time to escape the bleak mid-winter for some place sunnier?

2. You’re getting grouchy at everyone around you

Family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, postman, random-man-walking-the-dog and absolutely everyone else ticking you off? We have news for you — perhaps it’s not them, it's you! Doing the same routine day in, day out can grind you down and often you take these irritations out on those closest around you. So, save yourself those unnecessary arguments and book an adventure instead!

3. Your productivity levels are falling

Work can be hard and be draining at the best of times, and sometimes just getting up, getting ready, doing the commute and seeing out the day is enough to make you feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Throw in actually having to be decent at your job whilst still finding the time for hobbies and interests, and it can often feel all a bit too much. If your productivity levels are taking a bashing of late, you're struggling to even think about the gym/working out (let alone go), and making plans with friends feels like an effort, it really sounds like you need a break, my friend.

4. Food has become extremely boring

Eating leftover lasagne for the third night in a row? Take it from us, food does not need to be this monotonous. Instead of average food, you could be learning to roll sushi in Japan, tucking into fresh Pad Thai in Thailand, or enjoying a traditional beach BBQ whilst overlooking Bondi Beach, in sunny Australia. Food is a huge part not just of travel but of life, so maybe it’s time to fall in love with it again?

5. Your body is not feeling great

Oh hello pale pasty skin! Oh hello eczema! Oh hello spotty face! Oh hello blobby body that’s been hibernating under layers of clothing all winter long! Listen to us when we say that your best self is out there. A little bit of sunshine, a little ocean healing, some exercise; courtesy of exploring new cities and places or learning to surf, and you’ll be feeling back to your (awesome) true self in no time.

6. You’re in a creative rut

Take it from someone who works in a creative industry, there’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to get you out of that rut. Whether you’re a writer, a photographer, a musician, or just someone known for coming up with good ideas, changing up your everyday routine for something new, will work wonders for getting the brain clogs working once again. It may also inspire you and direct you.

7. You can’t even bear to look at other people’s holiday pics

Is your friend, currently traveling in Thailand, sharing snaps on the gram? Other friends currently living the dream on a working holiday in Australia which seems like they live at the beach with the amount they post on the gram? If the FOMO is so real that you can’t even bear to look at what’s happening elsewhere in the world, do something about it.

8. You find yourself working even when you're not at work

Do you find yourself opening up your work email account or not turning notifications off on your phone during your time off work? You shouldn't be spending your weekends worrying about Monday; you should be enjoying yourself or learning a new skill! Everyone needs a bit of time away to relax, to explore, to do something they've never done before. If this is you then it is time to use those vacation leaves that you've done nothing about and book that trip you've always dreamt about. 

So what do you say? Think it’s about time to book a vacay to that destination you've always dreamed of? If you need our assistance, you know where to find us.

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