5 Days in Jordan: Top 3 Recommendations


Jordan’s numerous historical cities, beautiful seas, dusty deserts, and welcoming culture make it an attractive tourist haven. The country’s small size ensures its most popular attractions are never far apart. Just five days in Jordan is enough to absorb all the beauty and splendor the country has to offer. But before you pack, look at these recommended tours that guarantee the best three to five days of vacation in Jordan.

1. Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea: 3 Days in Jordan

The monastery in the temple of Petra in Jordan.
Discover the rich history and culture of Petra while you visit Jordan.
Sun shinning in the Dead sea in Jordan
Enjoy the magnificence and relax while floating in the Dead Sea of Jordan.

Day 1

Discover Petra on a walking tour.

Day 2

Jeep tour on Wadi Rum and camping during the night

Day 3

Float on the Dead Sea and return to the Amman Hotel.

This tour is the perfect option if you have just three days to spend in Jordan. You will start in the ancient city of Petra and admire its numerous tombs, temples, and other archaeological details on a walking tour. Then, you will enjoy an off-road drive in the beautiful deserts of Wadi Rum. There, you will discover sand dunes, canyons, and ancient Nabatean rock inscriptions before spending the night stargazing in a Bedouin camp. On the last day, you will head to the Dead Sea to enjoy an unbeatable spa experience while floating on the water. See tours.

2. Jordan Highlights: 4 days in Jordan

Roman ruins of Jerash (Gerasa) in Jordan.
The ancient Roman ruins of Jerash will lead you through famous sites, such as the Hippodrome, the impressive Forum, the Temple of Zeus, and the Arch of Hadrian.
The view of Mujib Reserve located in the mountainous landscape in Jordan.
Mujib Biosphere Reserve is the lowest nature reserve which is located in the mountainous landscape to the east of Dead Sea.

Day 1

Arrive in Amman and take a tour of Jerash.

Day 2

Explore Madaba and drive through Wadi Mujib.

Day 3

Explore Petra

Day 4

Bid farewell to Amman.

The adventure starts on day one with a drive to Jerash, the best-preserved city from Roman times. You will take a tour of many temples, churches and amphitheaters, as well as the 12th Century masterpiece, which is the Saracen Castle. The tour also affords the opportunity to see Petra in its full glory and other important sights, such as the alleged burial site of Moses, Crusader Castle, the Temple of the Winged Lion, and many more. The tour ends with a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Wadi Rum desert. See tours.

3. Jordan Caravan Adventure: 5 days in Jordan

Ancient columns in Temple of Hercules in Amman, Jordan
Did you know? Temple of Hercules has been attributed to Hercules due to the discovery of gigantic fragments of a marble statue.
An old monastery at Mount Nebo,Jordan.
Visit Mount Nebo, where you will find the viewing platform, Moses Memorial Church, and the Serpent Statue.

Day 1

Fly to Amman.

Day 2

Explore Madaba and Mount Nebo.

Day 3

Visit Petra via a Bedouin trail and enjoy a free day.

Day 4

Enjoy floating on the Dead Sea.

Day 5

Bid farewell to Jordan.

This guided trekking trip takes you through Kerak, Madaba, the Dead Sea, and other historical locations in Jordan. Your five-day itinerary starts in Amman, from where you will proceed to Madaba to examine the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land. The third and fifth days of your Jordan itinerary take you to the ancient city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World. From there, you will head further north to enjoy the delightful experience of floating on the Dead Sea. See tours.

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