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If Albania is not already on your bucket list, it really should be! Closed to the world until the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, ‘the land of the eagle’ has attractions in spades. Visitors to this country can enjoy Adriatic Sea beaches unknown by most of the world alongside lofty mountains and atmospheric city streets that shift between the minarets of the Ottoman era and the shapely forms of contemporary Albanian architecture. Check out our top three recommendations for 4 days in Albania below. These tours last from 3 to 5 days.

4 days in Albania: Private Heritage Tour

Kick back and take it easy in the summery vibe of Dhermi
Experience the sunny weather in Dhermi
Day 1 Enjoy tours of Durres and Berat
Day 2 Spend the day in Gjirokaster’s old town
Day 3 See Blue Eye Spring, uncover Butrint’s history
Day 4 See Ali Pasha’s Castle, end your journey in Tirana

Starting and ending in Tirana, this private, guided tour of Albania’s top heritage sites first takes you to Durres, whose ancient walls have stood for around 2,000 years. Continuing by road to Berat, you will take in an architectural style so unique it has been recognized by UNESCO. Day two has our guides explain to you the significance of Gjirokaster, one of the best-preserved Ottoman towns in the Mediterranean. From there you will take in Blue Eye Spring and admire the history of Butrint. The tour ends after you have savored the vistas of Llogara National Park and seen the magnificent Ali Pasha Castle in Apollonia. See tour.

5 days in Albania: Southern Albania Off-Road Adventure

The hidden gem of Albania among the clear waters of the Albanian Riviera
Bask in the scenery and the crystal blue waters of Ksamil
Day 1 Get into your Lada Niva and head for Berat
Day 2 Drive to Gjirokaster by way of Osumi Canyon
Day 3 Trek among the footpaths of Nivica Canyon
Day 4 Journey to the coast for a night in Albanian Riviera
Day 5 Make your way back to Tirana via Llogora Pass

The second of our top three recommendations for 4 days in Albania is a self-driving trip where you get the chance to drive the iconic Lada Niva. Enjoy the varied landscapes of Albania and drive through a mountain pass on your way to Berat from Tirana. Excitement comes thick and fast on the journey to Gjirokaster, a UNESCO World Heritage site, while day three allows you to stretch your legs in Nivica Canyon. Then turn your attention to the fine beaches of Albania’s coast, followed by a final run back to Tirana via Llogora Pass. See tour.

3 days in Albania: The Splendors of Lake Ohrid

The picturesque Sarande located on the open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea
Experience the 300 sunny days a year in Sarande, meaning summer most of the time
Day 1 Discover the wonders of eastern Albania en route to Lake Ohrid
Day 2 Enjoy a guided tour of Ohrid town
Day 3 Take in the churches on the shore of Ohrid Lake

Lasting three days, this weekend getaway trip starts in Tirana and takes you to Lake Ohrid. Discover the Ottoman homes of Elbasan and see the prehistoric Bay of Bones Museum along the way. Basing yourself near Lake Ohrid, you will then soak up all that the area has to offer, including the cave churches of Saint Archangel Michael and Saint Atanasij as well as the Holy Mother of God Monastery complex. See tour.

As seen in the itineraries provided above, just 4 days are enough to make a memorable trip to Albania. If you’d like to plan a similar holiday or something completely different for yourself, connect with our Travel Experts in Albania.

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