3 days in Ukraine: Top 2 Recommendations


The onion domes of Saint Sophia's Cathedral glint in the morning sun, while the cobbled streets of L'viv's historic center transport you back to the medieval world. Although a long weekend might not be enough to discover the largest country in Europe, you can cover a lot of ground during your three days in Ukraine. Soak up the rich history of this country and take in its jaw-dropping natural beauty during your short stay in Ukraine.

Check out our Ukraine travel guide for more information. Below are our recommendations for three days in Ukraine.

1. Explore Connection Between Modern and Historical Kiev: 3 Days in Ukraine

Colorful houses of Vozdvizhenka elite district in Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities post-Soviet countries. The city attracts people all over from Europe, the US, and other parts of the world

Day 1

Arrive in Kiev

Day 2

Cover the highlights of Kiev on your own

Day 3

Bid farewell to Kiev

With this self-guided tour, you can hit some of the most significant highlights of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, on your own. Handpick your adventures, choose your destinations and manage your own schedule. You will be staying at a cozy apartment in the center of the city during this trip, which means that popular landmarks will be but a short distance away.

This trip is an excellent option for those who love the freedom of discovering a destination on their own. Follow the guidelines in our booklet and tick the highlights off the list that we provide during your short stay in the city. See more 3-day tours in Ukraine.

2. Into the Exclusion Zone: 2 Days in Ukraine

View from roof of 16 storied apartment house in Pripyat town, Chernobyl Nuc
Join us on this two-day Chernobyl tour and immerse yourself in the eerie silence of this abandoned city

Day 1

Arrival in Chernobyl, a ghost city    

Day 2

Soak up the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Chernobyl  

Do you want to know what it feels like to be in a post-apocalyptic setting? If not, then join us on these 2 days in Ukraine and immerse yourself in the eerie silence of this abandoned city. Feel like you are in a movie set as you explore the forests around Chernobyl, a reminder of what a nuclear disaster can do. Discover the abandoned village of Kopachi and explore the forgotten city of Pripyat. Then feed giant catfish in the Pripyat River before it is time to head home. This tour will be organized with health and safety in mind and there will be radiation monitoring at the checkpoint in Dityatki before you head back to the airport. See more 2-day tours in Ukraine.

Spending 3 days in Ukraine is enough to give you a breathtaking view of the country. For trip ideas, make sure to go through other options for 3-day tours in Ukraine. If you are in the mood for more bespoke tours, get in touch with our travel experts in Ukraine. Before you plan your trip, be sure to visit our travel guide to get more details like travel safety tips. 

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