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Home to some of the most popular natural attractions on the African continent, it is not hard to understand why millions of tourists flock to Tanzania every year. Thrill-seekers are sure to enjoy a hike up the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro, while those looking forward to an unmissable safari experience will enjoy a trip to the Serengeti.

Meanwhile, those looking to relax are bound to find their own cozy corner on their tour in Zanzibar or among the pristine beaches of Mafia Island. With two weeks in Tanzania, you can easily plan an itinerary with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Below are our top recommendations for those looking forward to spend anywhere from 12 to 14 days in Tanzania.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti Adventure: 12 days in Tanzania

The wild safari in Serengeti
Enjoy an adventurous safari ride in Serengeti and come in contact with the wild.
Day 1 Prepare your gear in Machame Camp
Day 2 Take your first steps on the grand mountain in your Mount Kilimanjaro tour
Day 3 Ascend Lava Tower before camping in Barranco
Day 4 Venture through valleys to reach Karanga Camp
Day 5 See spectacular views of Mawenzi and Kibo
Day 6 Enjoy awe-inspiring sunrise at Stella Point before reaching Uhuru Peak
Day 7 Descend to Mweka Camp and celebrate your successful climb
Day 8 Rest and recuperate in the beauty of Lake Manyara National Park
Day 9 Explore Serengeti National Park
Day 10 Drive through Serengeti's wilderness for a one-of-a-kind African safari
Day 11 Observe the abundant wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater
Day 12 Delight in the last safari adventure in Tarangire

Kickstart this 12-day trip in Tanzania with the climb of a lifetime. Your guided Mount Kilimanjaro climb is designed to take you to the top of Africa’s highest peak slowly and steadily to ensure a high success rate even for beginners. With a dedicated mountain crew, you will attempt to summit Uhuru Peak in a total of six days via the Machame Route. The descent will take another afternoon until the next morning, and you will have the rest of Day 7 to recuperate. The remainder of this trip will be spent on a comfortable safari tour through some of Africa’s best national parks. See more 12-day tours in Tanzania.

2: Best-Kept Safari and Beaches: Tanzania in 12 days

November to February is a summer season in Tanzania
A luxury beachfront resort with palms trees in Zanzibar.
Day 1 Arrive in Dar es Salaam and take a local flight to southern Tanzania
Day 2 Spend a full day in Selous Game Reserve, Africa’s largest game reserve
Day 3 Go off the beaten track in Selous for close wildlife encounters
Day 4 Fly from Selous to Ruaha
Day 5 Discover Ruaha National Park, Tanzania’s best-kept secret
Day 6 Observe a wide range of game species in Ruaha
Day 7 Take a light aircraft to Mafia Island
Day 8 Free day to explore Mafia Island
Day 9 Enjoy a day at leisure on Mafia Island
Day 10 Relax on Mafia Island’s beach or stroll through villages
Day 11 Find pleasure in your final full day on Mafia Island
Day 12 Head back to Dar es Salaam Airport for your flight home

Spend two weeks in Tanzania’s best-kept secrets with this 12-day tour. Enjoy an off-the-beaten-track safari experience in Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. Encounter an abundance of wildlife, ranging from the usual elephants and zebras to rare and endangered African wild dogs and the greater kudu. Then fly to Mafia Island and spend four days immersed in unspoiled beaches and sandbars. Describe your ideal 10-day Tanzania tour for a customized itinerary.

3: An In-Depth Safari Adventure: 13 days in Tanzania

Woman rest in a luxury tent in her safari tour in Serengeti National Park
Rest comfortably in the luxurious well built tents in the savanna of Serengeti National Park.
Day 1 Jump into an adventure in Lake Manyara National Park
Day 2 Discover Lake Natron, known for its flocks of flamingos
Day 3 Observe the rich flora and fauna of Serengeti
Day 4 Continue your Serengeti Adventure
Day 5 Enjoy your last day in Serengeti plains
Day 6 Tour Ngorongoro Crater, a world heritage site
Day 7 Meet the indigenous tribes of Lake Eyasi
Day 8 Spot herds of elephants in Tarangire
Day 9 Explore nature on foot in Arusha National Park
Day 10 Go on game drive in Mkomazi National Park
Day 11 Continue your Mkomazi adventure and visit rhino sanctuary
Day 12 Drive to Usambara Mountain and explore local farms
Day 13 Stroll through the rainforest of Magamba

Safari in style in some of the finest wildlife reserves along Tanzania’s Northern Circuit with this 13-day itinerary. This in-depth adventure will have you exploring the best of Tanzania in two weeks, as you tick Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Arusha National Park off your bucket list. Observe the rich flora and fauna that this country has and spend time with indigenous tribes and local farmers to learn more about their way of life. This tour is as educational as it is relaxing since it is headed by knowledgeable local guides who are passionate to share the beauty of Tanzania with the world. See more 13-day tours in Tanzania.

4: Wildlife Safari & Beach Relaxations: 14 days in Tanzania

The ragstone ramparts of Ngome Kongwe, the Old Fort.
Open-air theater in Old Fort in Stone Town, Zanzibar.
Day 1 Land in Kilimanjaro International Airport
Day 2 Immerse yourself in Kilimanjaro’s rainforests
Day 3 Go on game drive in Tarangire
Day 4 Kick-off your three-day Serengeti adventure
Day 5 Enjoy an unmissable experience in Serengeti
Day 6 Try spotting the Big Five on your last day in Serengeti
Day 7 Visit the lush Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Day 8 Dive deeper into Ngorongoro Crater
Day 9 Fly to Zanzibar and enjoy its pristine beaches
Day 10 Stroll through Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town and go on dhow cruise
Day 11 Visit a spice plantation
Day 12 Relax in the beach village of Matemwe
Day 13 Enjoy a free day in Zanzibar
Day 14 Head back to Dar es Salaam

This 14-day Tanzania itinerary offers the best combination of adventure and rest. Explore the most popular safari destinations in Tanzania, starting from Kilimanjaro to Tarangire National Park, Serengeti, and finally Ngorongoro. After a diverse safari experience, you will fly to Zanzibar, an archipelago that is home to breathtaking, virgin beaches and spice plantations. Kick back and find your zen in the powdery white sand beaches of Matemwe before you return to the airport and bid goodbye to Tanzania. See more 14-day tours in Tanzania.

Plan your perfect two-week Tanzania itinerary by getting in touch with one of our travel experts in the country. For more ideas, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Tanzania.

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