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2 Weeks in Iran: Our Recommendations


With its varied landscapes, stunning architecture, rich history, and hospitable culture, Iran offers a different experience to dauntless travelers. As one of the oldest countries in the world and home to a civilization spanning millennia, there are a lot of sights and stories to unpack during your Iran adventure. Be it the historic sites of Tehran or the architectural extravaganza of Isfahan, this country is full of surprises for travelers. For more ideas and insights, check out our top three recommendations for Iran tours that last between 13 and 15 days below.

2 weeks in Iran: Dive Into Persian Culture & History

Spices used in Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisine
The use of different spices in Iranian cuisine will definitely tantalize your taste buds
Day 1 Take your first steps in Tehran
Day 2 Cover the highlights of Iran’s capital
Day 3 Visit some of Tehran’s most important landmarks
Day 4 Travel to Kashan for an excursion
Day 5 Continue to Isfahan
Day 6 Visit Naqsh-e Jahan, a Unesco World Heritage site
Day 7 See the architectural wonders of Isfahan
Day 8 Marvel at the beauty of Vank Cathedral’s frescoes
Day 9 Leave Isfahan for Yazd
Day 10 Enjoy a mosque and temple hopping day in Yazd
Day 11 Head to Shiraz and visit Persepolis, the capital of the Achaemenid Empire
Day 12 Tick off the major sights of Shiraz
Day 13 Visit the tombs of Persian poets Hafez and Saadi
Day 14 Bid farewell to Iran

Dive into this 14-day adventure to discover the rich culture and history of Iran. Your journey starts in the capital city of Tehran where you will see some of Iran’s most famous attractions, including Golestan Palace, Sadabad Palace Complex, and Milad Tower, before heading to Kashan on a one-day archaeological and historic adventure. Your next destination on the itinerary is Isfahan, a city that is famous for its displays of Perso-Islamic architecture. A mosque and temple hopping day await you in Yazd after that. Call it an end to this tour in Shiraz, the city of poets and flowers. See tour.

13 days in Iran: From Modern Cities to Rural Towns

The aerial view of Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan
Feel the serenity of Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan
Day 1 Arrive in Tehran and explore the capital city
Day 2 Enjoy a taste of nomadic life in Poshtkooh Mogouie
Day 3 Spend some time in nature in Khouye
Day 4 Hike through the orchards of Khouye before leaving for Isfahan
Day 5 Be awed by Isfahan’s majestic Persian architecture
Day 6 Continue your sightseeing tour of Isfahan, head for Varzaneh Desert
Day 7 Leave Varzaneh for Yazd and see the grand Jameh Mosque
Day 8 Set out on a day of historical sightseeing in Yazd
Day 9 Head for Kerman and wander around its 600-year-old grand bazaar
Day 10 Kick back in the heritage village of Maymand
Day 11 Visit Shiraz and drop by Karim Khan Citadel
Day 12 See Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, also known as Pink Mosque
Day 13 Explore Persepolis before heading home

This thirteen-day tour has all that heritage lovers wish for. Book this trip and get the chance to experience the charms of Iranian cities as well as their rural life. Discover the country’s major cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd. Spend time in rural villages, experiencing the way of life of the people. From grandest Persian monuments down to humble nomadic camps, this journey will ensure that you tick off your Iran bucket list and more within a span of less than two weeks. By the end of this trip, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Iran’s ethnically diverse culture. See tour. 

15 days in Iran: Exploring the Beauty of Ancient Persia

The Pink mosque in the center of Shiraz
Visit the peaceful Nasir al-Mulk Mosque also known as the Pink Mosque in Shiraz
Day 1 Arrive in Tehran
Day 2 Take in Tehran’s history and heritage
Day 3 See more of Tehran’s landmarks
Day 4 Travel to Kashan and relax in the beautiful Fin Garden
Day 5 Enjoy a stopover in Abyaneh village en route to Isfahan
Day 6 Marvel at the breathtaking mosques and palaces of Isfahan
Day 7 See Isfahan’s Masjed-e Jamé and other highlights
Day 8 Mingle with the locals in Farahzad village located near a desert
Day 9  Continue your journey to Mesr Desert and Garmeh
Day 10 Visit Kharanagh and Meybod on your way to Yazd
Day 11 Dive into the Zoroastrian history of Yazd
Day 12 Set out for Shiraz with sojourns in Pasargadae and Persepolis
Day 13 Wander around Shiraz and visit the bustling Vakil Bazaar
Day 14 Admire the stunning gardens of Shiraz before flying to Tehran
Day 15 Transfer to Tehran’s airport for your flight home

Explore the best of Iran with this extensive, fifteen-day tour. Kick-off your journey with an in-depth, three-day exploration of Tehran, the 32nd capital of Persia, before heading to Isfahan to see Iran’s most impressive architectural feats. This tour includes visits to several UNESCO World Heritage sites like Masjed-e Jamé, Fin Garden, and Pasargadae. Also included in this trip is a chance to immerse in beautiful Iranian landscapes such as the Mesr Desert and Darband village in Tehran. From history, culture, art, and architecture to nature, this tour has it all. See tour.

As seen in the itineraries provided above, two weeks is a good duration to make a memorable trip to Iran. If you’d like to plan a similar holiday or something completely different for yourself, connect with our Travel Experts in Iran. For other recommended itineraries and possible trip durations, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Iran.

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