10 Days in Turkey: Top 4 Recommendations


Spending 10 days in Turkey offers you the chance to understand life in a land where East meets West. Take in the highlights of Istanbul and Cappadocia. Unravel the history of Homer’s Troy and stroll through Ephesus’s Roman ruins. Alternatively, go on a hiking trip through the remote Lycian Way. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of nature and culture, then our 9 to 11-day itineraries are guaranteed to please you.

1. Turkish Breeze: 10 days in Turkey

Cappadocia is a region in Central turkey and a must visit destination.
Catch the mesmerizing view of hundreds of hot air balloons soaring in the sky from the Love Valley in Cappadocia.
Day 1 Take your first steps in Istanbul
Day 2 Discover the city of Ottomans
Day 3 Cruise down the Bosphorus, fly to Cappadocia
Day 4 Explore Cappadocia
Day 5 Visit Goreme’s museum
Day 6 Fly to Antalya
Day 7 See Duden Waterfalls
Day 8 Travel to Pamukkale
Day 9 Explore the House of the Virgin Mary
Day 10 Bid farewell to Turkey

Visit an array of must-see destinations in Turkey during this trip. Take in the sights and sounds of Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Next, you are off to Cappadocia, where fairy chimneys jut from the ground and hot air balloons soar in the sky. Cover historic attractions like the House of the Virgin Mary and the Goreme Open Air Museum before heading for Antalya, a place like no other. See all 10-day Turkey tours.

Turkey in 10 days: Family Getaway

Pamukkale is a town in western Turkey known for its thermal waters.
Take a dip in the mineral-rich geothermal pool in Pamukkale.
Kas is known for its beautiful beaches and relaxing scenery.
Spend some relaxing time sunbathing in beaches at the coastal Kas.
Day 1 Arrive in Istanbul
Day 2 Fly to Goreme
Day 3 Explore the heart of Cappadocia
Day 4 Take an overnight train to Selcuk
Day 5 Explore Selcuk
Day 6 See Pamukkale’s terraced pools
Day 7 Drive to Kas
Day 8 Cruise through Kekova’s islands
Day 9 Fly to Istanbul 
Day 10 Bid farewell to Istanbul 

Acquaint yourself with Istanbul before setting off for the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, home to ethereal fairy chimneys. Visit Goreme, a city carved in the rock with underground dwellings and ancient churches, and explore the labyrinthine tunnels of Kaymakli. Then soak up the sight of Pamukkale’s thermal pools before heading for the Mediterranean town of Kas. See More Turkey tour.

11 days in Turkey: Flying Carpet Tour

Duden waterfall is in Antalya, Turkey.
Feel the cool breeze and enjoy your day in Duden Waterfall in Antalya, Turkey
Day 1 Arrive in Istanbul
Day 2 Visit Istanbul’s historic sites
Day 3 Wander through the spice bazaar
Day 4 Visit the House of the Virgin Mary
Day 5 See Pamukkale’s cascading pools
Day 6 Explore the ancient city of Perge
Day 7 See Duden Waterfalls
Day 8 Fly to Cappadocia
Day 9 Visit Goreme’s museum
Day 10 Explore Cappadocia
Day 11 Say farewell to Turkey 

Commit the historic sights of Istanbul to your memory and wander through the ancient spice bazaar. Then catch a flight to Izmir for a whirlwind tour of the ancient Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city in the Eastern Mediterranean. See steaming water cascading down the pools of Pamukkale and lose yourself in the ridiculously photogenic Cappadocia. See 11-day tours in Turkey.

Turkey in 11 days: Highlights of Turkey

The Celus library is an important Roman building in Anatolia, Turkey.
The magnificent Celsus Library in Ephesus dates back to the early 2nd century.
Day 1 Arrive in Istanbul
Day 2 Follow the footsteps of the Ottoman 
Day 3 Drive to Gallipoli
Day 4 Visit Troy, continue to Pergamon
Day 5 Explore the ruins of Ephesus
Day 6 Take a trip to Pamukkale
Day 7 Explore Konya, travel to Cappadocia
Day 8 See Cappadocia’s best sights 
Day 9 Visit Kaymakli’s underground city, travel to Ankara 
Day 10 Discover Ankara, return to Istanbul
Day 11 Depart from Istanbul

Having discovered Istanbul’s historic sites, you are off to the ancient cities of Troy, Pergamon and Konya. Behold the steaming thermal pools of Pamukkale and the other-worldly Cappadocia, where a thousand hot-air balloons cover the morning sky. Spend two nights in the country’s capital, Ankara, before driving through the picturesque Anatolian countryside back to Istanbul. 

As you can see in the list above, 10 days in Turkey gives you plenty of opportunities to explore Turkey. Check out our list of 10-day tours in Turkey for more options. For more duration ideas, check out our how many days to spend in Turkey guide. If you are ready to buy a tour, browse our Turkey tours page. You can also create your own itinerary with our travel experts in Turkey. Get in touch today!

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