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South Korea Day Tours and Excursions 2018/2019

1 Day Tours and Excursions with 11 Reviews

  • Seoul Tower
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Seoul City Tour Co. Ltd

Morning Seoul Tower Tour

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  • Starts/Ends Seoul /Seoul
  • Operator Seoul City Tour Co. Ltd
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South Korea Tour Reviews

4.5 - Very Good Based on 11 customer reviews
An Unknown Country Reviewed Tour: Discover South Korea
4 - Very Good
“There are very few British tourists visiting this lovely country and this Exodus trip was a good way of understanding the Past and the Present state of Korea. A visit to the DMZ gives you an understanding of the conflict between the South and the North. The gardens and ordinary road-side trees are beautiful and the people are charming. There was absolutely no hassle from the local people or officials.”
A taste of Korea Reviewed Tour: Discover South Korea
4 - Very Good
“I thoroughly enjoyed this trip & can recommend it. This trip is not only a great introduction to Korea but a good way to visit Asia if you haven't been to the Far East before as compared to other countries in this region, it is clean, safe, and developed. However, to get the most out of it you have to be prepared to explore during your free time. This trip puts you in the position, by giving you the opportunity to see some wonderful things that are not on the itinerary. For example the Seoul Tower with the wonderful Season’s table all you can eat Korean restaurant, or the Sun Cruise Resort and surrounding area in Gyeongpo, a 20 minute taxi ride from your hotel. Taxis are cheap and a good way to get round. Budget wise I would suggest you allow about £20 per day on food. The food here is lovely but expensive. Credit cards are widely accepted but I would take US Dollars or Euros to change into the local currency, the Won. I found it hard to change the Pound, with the only place being a handful of banks in the major cities. When you arrive in Seoul I suggest you change your money you need for the trip then, as changing it in other areas other than Busan and Jeju was difficult. Even though ATMs are widely available for debit cards, you have to look for a global one which we found difficult finding and it was hit and miss whether the card would be accepted. You must have patience as service can be slow and language can be a barrier. My main criticism is we didn't have enough time in Busan; it was almost a fleeting visit, which doesn't do the place justice. I would like to have more time there at the expense of the temple stay, which in my opinion added little value to the trip. There was also too much emphasis on Buddhism. My biggest surprise coming here was the number of churches I saw, and finding out that they aren't devoutly religious or follow one particular faith, just a mix of multi-faith and non-religious groups. For example, there are more Christians and other religions than Buddhists – for instance 29 % are Christian and only 24 % are Buddhist. With this in mind, I would like to reduce the number of temples that are visited by exploring the other faiths and learning more of the contemporary recent history that makes up this dynamic nation. Highlights; (1) the big Yakcheonsa Buddhist temple in Jeju, which we allowed to freely photograph; (2) DMZ; (3) The museum in Busan, which explained in concise terms the history of this nation. Low points; (1) Temple stay, which was a complete waste of time and added nothing to my understanding of Korea. This should be made an optional extra or cut out completely, with time better spent in Busan. (2) Not enough time in Busan and war memorial. (3) Too many markets and temples visited - only one or two would do. Overall I can recommend this trip to anyone who wants a taste of Korea but to get the most out of it, you must have a sense of adventure and explore the surrounding area in your free time. 4/5.”
South Korea - a fascinating snap shot Reviewed Tour: Discover South Korea
4 - Very Good
“This is a different and wonderful country which is very misunderstood. It has a lot to offer from the busyness of Seoul, the beauty of the National Parks to the amazing volcanic island of Jehu. I thought this country would be a mixture of Japan and China yet it is quite different. The culture is fascinating - when they are into something (such as coffee shops, hiking), they are into it big time yet the battle between tradition and western influence is fascinating to witness and observe in different areas in Seoul and in the rest of the country. Each area specialises in a different type of food (Kimchi always included) and this trip gives a great snapshot into different parts of South Korea from the cities (Seoul and Busan) to the DMZ to the countryside (national park and folk villages). This is not a very active holiday and there are not any long trips.”
Discover South Korea Reviewed Tour: Discover South Korea
4 - Very Good
“A great two week trip around South Korea, Exodus's first trip there. Fascinating places to visit, good food and transport and accommodation, giving a glimpse into a country that is definitely worth visiting, and a trip that covers the main sites. The itinerary worked well, some timings need tweaking and trip notes altering slightly. Just the one early start on temple stay and leaving day, some busy days, and sometimes quick turnaround between arrival at hotels and going out. The hotel we had in Seoul is away from some sites, but metro is nearby and cheap to use. On arrival there was no early check in booked or planned, so we did the market that morning. The rest of the day is free. I went to the aquarium and saw an underwater sardine play. Plenty to see in Seoul over the next few days. The JSA and DMZ are fascinating. There followed a busy trip - cookery school, National Park, the idyllic guest house, Temple-stay (go with the flow), Busan (more time needed here), Jeju Island (optional trip well worth doing), then back to Seoul for a last afternoon and evening. Food was great, cheaper than the trip notes, and lots of it, we enjoyed the bbqs. The autumnal colours were beautiful. Some great nights out in the singing rooms and snow flake desserts”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: The City of Seoul
Ms. Sally C. At
5 - Excellent
“Amazing insight into not just Seoul but the country. Would do again. Thank you.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: The City of Seoul
Mr. William B. At
5 - Excellent
“Lilly Park was sensational. Great English skills and very knowledgeable about Seoul”
Very Good Reviewed Tour: The City of Seoul
Mr. Neika T. At
4.5 - Excellent
“I took two tours with the same guide on the same day. It was very informational and one-on-one in both cases.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: The City of Seoul
Mr. Logan H. At
5 - Excellent
“The original meeting place was at the wrong station, (Exit 5 Gwanghwamun station rather than Exit 6 Gwanghwamun station) so I missed the tour. But, i was able to recoordinate another day and Ms. Chloe was wonderful. She was positive and very insightful. I couldn't have asked for a better for guide.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Seoul Sightseeing Tour
Mr. Sarah W. At
5 - Excellent
“Sunhee (sp?) was so great, so easy to talk to, making sure I got all the pictures I wanted and making sure to point out everything along the way. I appreciated her sharing her time with me and answering my many questions. She even helped me find my next destination after the tour was over, I wish I had gotten her email before I had to rush to my next tour! I would go on another tour with her anytime!”
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