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Ponta delgada Tour Reviews

4.3 - Very Good Based on 12 customer reviews
Walking n the Azores Reviewed Tour: Walking in the Azores
5 - Excellent
“Walking in the Azores was as good as expected - the islands are quite stunning and to see so many islands in one week and to do so much made it very special. It is a busy trip but we managed to see quite a lot. The walking was varied but not difficult, I used a walking stick on most days when going downhill. The views are amazing when the weather is clear, it was mostly hot and sunny and when it rains lightly (which it probably will even in August) it is never for long.”
Suzanne Rawlings - Walking in the Azores June 2016 Reviewed Tour: Walking in the Azores
5 - Excellent
“An excellent trip which incorporated 4 different islands. Would highly recommend.”
Mid-Atlantic Adventure Reviewed Tour: Walking in the Azores
4 - Very Good
“A memorable trip providing a series of spectacular walks on volcanic islands, each with its own distinct topography and character. Though still part of Portugal, this archipelago offers its own unique combination of a relaxed, scenic destination, with plentiful attractions for those liking their food and wine, and a distinctive mix of hikes among the flora, forests and classical cones. Our ferry trips and flights between the islands added further perspectives to an already appealing itinerary.”
Azores Walking Reviewed Tour: Walking in the Azores
4 - Very Good
“The organisation and accommodation of the holiday were excellent. The group gelled from the start and were excellent company. The islands themselves were spectacular.”
Walking In The Azores Reviewed Tour: Walking in the Azores
5 - Excellent
“A great trekking trip. The Azores are an unknown quantity to most people, but I fell in love with the islands natural and unspoilt beauty. The hotels that we stayed at were apparently new to this year and were excellent. Friendly staff and very pleasant food (and wine!)”
Rather disappointing Reviewed Tour: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Azores
2 - Poor
“Luckily we had booked a few days in Lisbon ourselves before the trip and Exodus were pretty efficient at organising the non-group flights for us. Otherwise we would have been returned home feeling less than satisfied. We also organised a walking tour in Ponta Delgado ourselves with the splendid help of the San Miguel tourism office.
On the actual tour, the hotels and food were of a high standard and the transport was well organised. However - firstly the brochure should have made it clear that the October trip is out of season for the included activities.
As far as birdwatching is concerned we visited the nesting sites of shearwaters and terns. Unfortunately October is outside the nesting season for both so the nesting sites were basically empty. One shearwater chick was seen but no terns were nesting. We did see the shearwaters both at sea and landing after dark and this was inspirational. We were kept waiting for over an hour though for the sea trip to see the shearwater nesting sites as the boat that had been hired for 9 a.m. was found to be out of commission due to faulty electrics so eventually Marco had to rebook with a different cruise firm to get our trip under way.
Now for the "whale watching". Of course wildlife is unpredictable and there are no guarantees, but in October very few whale species are to be expected anyway and this should be made clear in the brochure. Our first morning of whale watching from Faial island (4 hours) we saw a pod of about a dozen dolphins and a distant glimpse of beaked whales for a few seconds. On the same afternoon the trip was cut short (1 hour 15 minutes!) because the crew felt that it wasn't worth searching. Unfortunately our final whale watching trip from San Miguelwas cancelled owing to windy weather.
All of our trips into the mountains to view the volcanic and lake scenery were spoiled by low cloud, mist and rain which meant that the views were virtually non-existent. We did bathe in the thermal lakes on San Miguel island - in pouring rain on both days. Furthermore October is too late for flowers as the hydrangeas, agapanthus and azaleas are well past their best.”
AZORES: WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCHING Reviewed Tour: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Azores
4 - Very Good
“My rating missed the Excellent mark only because the whales were not at the rendez-vous, which Exodus can hardly be blamed for. Another trip of a lifetime for me, full of discovery and unexpected pleasures. Go Exodus!”
azores whale wating may 17 Reviewed Tour: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Azores
3 - Average
“Fin whales 6, common dolphins leaping Risso and bottlenose dolphins close by were exceptional. Nuno the tour leader fantastic. Group excellent.
Bird watching severely disappointing and considering setting up tours of my back garden as species very similar and more numerous
The tour was however partially spoiled by the flight itinerary changes which were not reflected in the tour programme. Leisurely does not include landing at 1130pm and flying out again at 830am.
loss of option day due to programme and flight changes was a disappointment and the tour leader leaving before the end of the tour due flight changes, ours and his, was not ideal.
Hotel in Horta excellent
Hotel in Ponta Delgada the Collegio was incredibly noisy in the plumbing department and bottle recycling at 1230am on the first night. The final 3 nights saw us get lucky with excellent room but lack of bar/comfortable sitting area due to ongoing refurbishment wasn't good on a group trip. Single coffee machine only at breakfast was a personal gripe from a caffeine addict.
The knowledge and enthusiasm of the young naturalists/biologists/boat pilots was infectious”
A Bucket List destination Reviewed Tour: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Azores
5 - Excellent
“Accommodation: We stayed at pleasant hotels both at Horta and Ponta Delgada. The hotel at Ponta Delgada did not have a tea/coffee making facility in the rooms but I understand they had just opened their rooms post re-modelling in April (this wasn't a be all end all situation). However considering that most days were spent outside, the rooms were more than sufficient in terms of having comfortable beds and high pressure hot water out of the shower to rest at the end of the day. Flight timings: the first day the time was pushed back to a 8pm flight from Gatwick which meant a 11pm (local time) landing at Ponta Delgada. Not necessarily an issue with Exodus but more due to the actual airlines. Activities: whale and dolphin watching was great fun. If using the dingy I would recommend sitting at the front for a more bumpy (fun) ride through the ocean! We had our marine biologists guide us through identifying Cory shearwaters and the marine mammals. A good trip to the lakes with beautiful pictures. A short trip to the tea plantation(complementary traditional Azorean pastries provided by Nuno) and the pineapple farm (this would be the place to buy your liquors and jams-appropriately priced and authentic-although our coach driver claims you can brew any kind of fruit liquor at home with a higher alcohol content) Unfortunately due to the weather a free day (where optional activities could take place) couldn't take place and we used it to ensure the activities on the official trip dossier were completed. On the evenings that weren't scheduled with activities we were able to walk around the islands (we visited the botanical gardens on Ponta Delgada) and sample the local cuisine. All reasonably priced. Our last day saw us having lunch cooked via the heat generated from the volcanoes underground prepared for six hours beforehand- delicious! Finally lovely trips to thermal spring waters rich with iron lovely for a mid day soak! Group: great bunch of people coming from different backgrounds and contributing to a lively camaraderie.”
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