Ecuador in 5 days or less: Our Recommendations

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Although not as popular as its neighbors, Ecuador is a buzzing center of culture, hospitality, and natural beauty, whose striking landscapes and vibrant biodiversity have captivated people for years. This small country straddles the equator and houses lush green rainforests, snow-capped volcanoes, and breathtaking beaches. Peppered amid these natural wonders are charming villages that are home to lively markets filled with exotic textiles and crafts. With most of its attractions located within a day’s bus ride away from the capital city of Quito, one can easily explore Ecuador in 5 days or even less time.

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Antisana volcano as seen from the Cayambe Coca Reserve.

Day 1

Transfer from Coca to Napo Wildlife Center in the heart of the Amazon
Day 2 Visit parrot clay lick, meet members of Kichwa community
Day 3 Hike through forests and enjoy views from canopy tower
Day 4

Travel back to Coca

Perfect for adventurists, this tour will ensure that your four days in Ecuador are well spent. Explore lush green rainforests and sail down gorgeous rivers in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon while being enthralled by the vast diversity of the surrounding nature and the wildlife at your doorstep. With gorgeous sunsets and colorful animals to spot, you have endless photo opportunities as well. Daytime activities include guided hikes through some of the world’s most biologically diverse terrain and a chance to see parrots in their clay licks. See tour.

An adorable puppy sea lion at Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Day 1 Explore Santa Cruz highlands, walk among tortoises 
Day 2 Discover North Seymour
Day 3 Take speedboat to San Cristobal, visit Kicker Rock
Day 4 Soak up the sights and sounds of Española
Day 5 Bid farewell to Ecuador

One of the main attractions that draw visitors to the small country of Ecuador is its famous holiday destination: the Galapagos islands. The Galapagos, which comprises 127 islands off the coast of Ecuador, is a renowned Unesco world heritage site known for its unique wildlife.  

Cerulean blue water, ancient lava flows, and golden beaches set the stage for wildlife enthusiasts during this five-day Ecuador tour. Travelers also stand a chance to see some captivating creatures, including hammerhead sharks, octopuses and tortoises, in their natural habitat. See tour.

Cozy huts at the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, Sucumbios Province, Ecuador.
Day 1 Arrival in Cuyabeno Reserve
Day 2 Hike through rainforest and go for a canoe ride
Day 3 Visit locals and experience jungle walk at night
Day 4 Explore flooded forests in canoe and spot wildlife
Day 5 Fly home with memories of rainforests and wild animals

Discover diverse plants and animals that call Ecuador home during this five-day rainforest tour. Spread over hundreds of thousands of acres, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is part of the Amazon rainforest and is filled with colorful birds, mischievous monkeys and numerous reptiles.  

On this five-day Ecuador tour, you will be able to see exotic creatures in their natural habitat while learning more about them from knowledgeable naturalist tour guides. Also included is a trip to a community that calls this place home, giving you the opportunity to meet the people who live in this part of the Amazon. See tour.

If the above list of possible itineraries for Ecuador in 5 days has piqued your interest, then check out some of other 5-day Ecuador itineraries. Alternatively, a trip to Ecuador can also be customized for you from scratch. Contact our Ecuador Travel Experts today! For more inspiration check out our guide on how many days to spend in Ecuador

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