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Mongolia Tour Reviews

4.4 - Very Good Based on 11 customer reviews
Mongolia adventure 15th - 29th August Reviewed Tour: Mongolia Eagle Festival: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads
3 - Average
“An exciting trip to a remote region of the world.
Met some wonderful people both on the trip and locals in the ger camps who are living the nomadic life still.....but with a few mod cons like satellite dishes and solar panels which drive the TV, twin tub and freezer box.. !!!
A real experience to see the open spaces of the steppes and the different landscapes, but realised that I only scratched the surface of it as Mongolia is such a vast country. I would definitely like to go back to see more.”
Wonderful Mongolia Reviewed Tour: Mongolia Eagle Festival: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads
5 - Excellent
“The Mongolian Adventure trip exceeded all my expectations. It took me back to a time when people were more interested in humanity than in possessions. I thought Mongolians would be similar to Chinese but they aren't. They are open and friendly. Ulaanbaatar is a pleasant city and we were there for the spectacular Nadaam Festival, The opening ceremony, the wrestling, archery and the horse race were great but the day before the public turned out in national dress! The desert, the gir camps and the nomadic families were experiences to be savoured.”
A dream comes true Reviewed Tour: Mongolia Eagle Festival: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads
4 - Very Good
“I'd wanted to see Mongolia and the Gobi Desert since hearing about them in Geography class when I was 18. I wanted to see the wide open spaces. The nothingness. The vastness of the country. And that's what I saw.”
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