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Medan Tour Reviews

4.3 - Very Good Based on 9 customer reviews
Loved the tour and the group Reviewed Tour: Indonesia Adventure – Sumatra, Java & Bali
Steve From Australia
5 - Excellent
“Joined a great group and a well organised tour. Don't miss out on Indonesia, really a culturally diverse and rich country. So much to experience. We had a really great tour.”
Long drives Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Sumatra
Anonymous From British
3 - Average
“The tour leader was great. Unfortunately there were too many very long drives. These should have been broken up. Sumatra is a very cheap place. I checked hotel rates and realised G had vastly over charged for this tour. There were next to no activities which were included. They charged above the going rate for optional activities. I managed to arrange some on my own and paid a lot less than the group members who paid the G 'rate'. Sumatra is a fabulous place. I will return, but never with G.”
Very Good Reviewed Tour: Best of Sumatra & Java
Anonymous From Canadian
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
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