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Lima Tour Reviews

4.7 - Excellent Based on 623 customer reviews
Magical Peru Reviewed Tour: Walking With The Incas
Aria From New Zealand
5 - Excellent
“I could describe in detail how magical Peru is. Instead, I can only say, go to Peru, do this tour. We had an amazing time. Trekking the Inca Trail was of course fantastic, but Colca Canyon, Arequipa and Cusco was amazing as well. Great itinerary. Great Guide. Peru is magical.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Coastal Peru
Jurate Eiviene From Lithuania
5 - Excellent
Amazing Peru and Tour Reviewed Tour: Peru Explorer
Dan From Australia
5 - Excellent
“A great way to explore Peru! Everything was arranged down to the minutes of details. If you wish to see and explore Peru, this is a great way of doing so in a comfy style!”
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