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La Tomatina Festival 2020

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La Tomatina with Stoke Travel was fun, in the messiest way possible. Looking around at everyone at B ...
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E-bike panoramic tour: Nice - French Riviera

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La Tomatina — Tour Highlights and Tips

To be a part of this festival, plan your next trip to Spain around August. Below are some tour highlights and tips that will help you enjoy it to the fullest:

La Tomatina Tour Highlights

  • Explore the picturesque city of Valencia before the food fight and relax along its gorgeous sandy beaches. Buñol is easily accessible from this coastal gem and Valencia serves as an excellent base location. 
  • Participate in raucous parades, interactive cooking challenges, and other entertaining activities leading up to the food fight. 
  • Join the fun of the Palo Jabón which is the first spectacle the day of the tomato fight. The goal is to climb to the top of a greasy pole to obtain the ham before anyone else. 
  • Wine and dine on delicious Spanish cuisine and soak up the local culture. Mouthwatering paella, savory esgarrat, and sweet sangria are among the local delicacies to try during your La Tomatina trip.
  • Meet welcoming locals in this unique region of Spain and hang out with worldly travelers from around the globe. Upwards of 50,000 people descend on this tiny village the day of the tomato fight. The perfect opportunity to make lots of lifelong friends.  
  • Watch the amazing job by the local fire trucks hosing the streets to clean up the aftermath of the fight. Notice how the acidity of the tomatoes cleans the streets of Buñol.
  • Take part in one of the after-parties to celebrate the madness that transpired during the afternoon. 

La Tomatina Tour Tips

  • Book your tickets for La Tomatina as early as possible! The number of participants for the tomato fight is limited to 22,000 so it is essential to secure tickets well in advance. 
  • It is wise to book a La Tomatina tour. Tickets, accommodation, and transport to and from the main event will often be included. 
  • Wear clothes and shoes that you are prepared to throw in the garbage after the event. An extra pair of clothes is a must before making the journey to Buñol. 
  • Learn the rules of the tomato fight before the event begins. Tomatoes must be squashed before you hurl them, and all tomato tossing must conclude after the second shot. 
  • Goggles may come in handy to keep your eyes clear from tomato juices. Alternatively, a clean rag to wipe your face during the fight can work just as well.