Great Himalaya Trail - The Full Traverse

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  • duration 150 days
  • tour type Group
  • age requirement 18+ years old
  • max group size 10
  • guiding method Live Guide/Instructor
  • Starts Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Ends Kathmandu, Nepal
HIGHLIGHTS Download trip notes
  • Trek the entire length of Nepal's Great Himalaya Trail
  • Undertake a trek only a handful of people have experienced
  • Experience the diversity of cultures and landscapes of the Himalaya
  • See all of Nepal's 8000m peaks including Everest, Makalu & Annapurna
Great Himalaya Trail - The Full Traverse tour starts and ends in Kathmandu. Great Himalaya Trail - The Full Traverse is a trekking tour that takes 150 days taking you through Kathmandu, Nepal and other destinations in Nepal.

Be amongst the few globally who have trekked the Nepal Great Himalaya Trail in one continuous 150 day trek!. This is your opportunity to be one of the few people ever to walk the full length of Nepal's Great Himalaya Trail in one continuous trek. The 150 day trek commences in the far east in the Kanchenjunga region where the world's third highest peak stretches skyward, and traverses the country to the high plateaus on the Tibetan borderlands in the far west. Along this 1700km trail you'll encounter some of the wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable. You'll see all of Nepal's 8000 metre peaks, cross tens of passes ranging from moderate to challenging and witness villages where the culture has remained intact for centuries. It's a trek that should only be considered by those with extensive trekking and mountaineering experience, a high level of fitness and a flexible approach as there will be the need to adapt to a range of situations throughout the trek. We are sure the challenges of this full length GHT trek will be countered with immense satisfaction and a truly unforgettable lifelong memory.
During this trek there will be sections where the trail is very rugged or ill-defined. Space in some camp sites will also be very limited. It may be necessary to make changes to the itinerary at any time due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather, snow or trail conditions, river water levels, or group movement. Your trip leader will advise any changes should this occur. All participants on the GHT should be flexible and open minded. The GHT should be seen as exploratory in the true sense of the word.
5 - Excellent
Based on 2 reviews
  • Anonymous
  • On Aug 13 2017
5 - Excellent
“What can one say to sum up five months crossing the Himalaya from east to west Nepal It has everything from high mountain passes and days in the snow, low land agricultural areas and the summer heat, the high and dry regions of Dolpo, and finally the wet monsoon rains of the west.
The challenges one faces on a journey of this length are not just physical, but also mental; getting up and walking for 6-8 hours day in, day out, rain or shine. However the experiences and people you meet along the way, whether fellow clients, the amazing staff, or the local Nepalese make it all worth while, and ensure every one of the 152 days contains a different highlight.
To spend five months in Nepal is an amazing and eye opening experience which Id recommend to anyone with the time, resources and personal drive to do. A definite challenge but well worth the effort.”
  • Anonymous
  • On Jul 29 2017
5 - Excellent
“The Great Himalaya Trail is a trek like no other - diverse and breathtaking - with its changing seasons, majestic mountains, challenging altitudes, snow, heat and monsoonal rains it instantly captures your heart and soul. I have so many favourite places from out along the trail
In the east, where the jagged, snow capped peaks of the Kanchenjunga region jut skyward between rocky passes and boulder strewn glaciers.
In the west, where the thick, green juniper forests grow bravely in steep ravines that gradually give way to high, shaley windswept plateaus.
In the Everest region, where the magnificent mountain itself stands shoulder to shoulder with its fellow 8,000 metre peaks, and in the Makalu region, where the stars are so bright, the Milky Way paints a vibrant white stripe across the inky sky.
Our World Expeditions team was absolutely amazing - Skilled, caring and wise beyond words. We very quickly became part of their Nepalese family and settled into a wonderful daily routine immersed in their culture, and in the elements, with our backpacks, trekking poles and our little yellow tents. If you are thinking of trekking the Great Himalaya Trail, Id say do it, you will have an incredible life changing experience.”
  • Day 1 : Arrive Kathmandu
  • Day 2 : Free day in Kathmandu
  • Day 3 : Fly Bhadrapur (2420m). Drive to Ilam. Approx. 5hrs drive.
  • Day 4 : Drive to Taplejung (1820m). Drive approx. 4-5hrs.
  • Day 5 : To Mitlung (1542m) walk approx. 4 hrs.
  • Day 6 : To Chiruwa (1270m), walk approx. 6-7hrs.
  • Day 7-8 : To Sukathum (1576m) walk approx. 6hrs, & Amjilosa (2308m) walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 9-11 : To Gyabla (2730m), walk approx. 6hrs, and to Ghunsa (3595m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 12 : To Kangpachen (4050m), walk approx. 6-7hrs.
  • Day 13 : To Lhonak (4780m), walk approx. 6-7hrs.
  • Day 14 : Kanchenjunga Base Camp (4050m), walk approx. 7hrs.
  • Day 15-16 : Return trek to Ghunsa
  • Day 17 : To Nango La Camp (4776m), walk approx. 5.5hrs.
  • Day 18-20 : Cross Nango La (4776m) to Yangma Kola (3430m/ 5hrs) & Olangchun Gola (3191m/ 8hrs).
  • Day 21-23 : Commence Sanku link of the GHT from Olangchun Gola to Pass Camp (4453m)
  • Day 24 : Cross Lumbha Sambha La to Thudam (3556m), walk approx 6hrs.
  • Day 25-27 : To Chyamtang (2187m)
  • Day 28 : To Hongon (2323m), walk approx. 6-7hrs.
  • Day 29 : To Bakim Kharka/ High Camp (3020m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 30-35 : To Molun Pokhari (3954m/5hrs), Dhunge Kharka (2980m/7hrs), Saldim Khola or Khola Kharka & Adventure Pass Camp (3900m/7hrs), Kalo Pokhari (4100m/6hrs), Grazing Kharka (3960m/7hrs)
  • Day 36 : Trek to Yangla Kharka (3557m), walk approx. 5-6hrs
  • Day 37-38 : Trek to Langmale Kharka (4400m / 5hrs) & rest/acclimatisation day
  • Day 39-40 : To Makalu Base Camp (4870m), rest/acclimatisation day.
  • Day 41-42 : To Swiss Base Camp (5150m/5-6hrs)
  • Day 43-44 : To Sherpani Col Base Camp (5700m/6-7hrs), cross Sherpani Col (6180m) to Baruntse High Camp (West Col @ 6100m), walk approx. 10-12hrs
  • Day 45-47 : Cross West Col to Honku Basin & Amphu Labsta Base (5400m)
  • Day 48 : Cross Amphu Labsta (5845m) to Chukung (4730m), approx. 10-12 hrs.
  • Day 49-50 : Trek to Dingboche (4360m), Dzongla (4843m)
  • Day 51 : Cross Cho La to Gokyo (4759m)
  • Day 52 : At Gokyo, ascend Gokyo Ri (5483m)
  • Day 53 : Trek to Renjo La high camp, walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 54 : Cross Renjo La to Taranga (4368m/6.5hrs)
  • Day 55 : To Thame (3820m/3hrs).
  • Day 56-58 : To Parchemuche Tsho (4780m/ 6.5hrs) & Cave Camp (5665m/ 5.5hrs).
  • Day 59 : Cross Tashi Labsta (5760m) to Trakarding Glacier (4735m), walk approx. 7.5hrs.
  • Day 60-61 : To Kabug (4820m/ 4.5hrs) & Beding (3740m/ 5hrs).
  • Day 62-63 : To Dokhang (2791m/ 5.5hrs) & Simigaon (2036m/ 5hrs).
  • Day 64-66 : Trek down valley to Bigu Gompa (2516m).
  • Day 67-68 : To Kathmandu (1330m)
  • Day 69 : Resume GHT, Langtang link. Trek to Listi (2260m), walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 70 : To Chagam (2705m/ 5hrs), Chogormogor Kharka (3924m/ 4hrs)
  • Day 71-72 : To Shotang Kharka (2820m/ 6hrs), & Nyasim Khola Camp (1460m/ 4.5hrs)
  • Day 73 : To Kharka (3600m/ 5hrs)
  • Day 74-75 : To Panch Pokhari (4074m/ 3-4hrs), & rest day.
  • Day 76-77 : To Tin Pokhari (4255m/ 6hrs)
  • Day 78-79 : Cross Tilman Pass (5308m/ 6hrs) to north high camp (4720m/ 7hrs).
  • Day 80 : To Kyangjin Gompa (3830m), approx. 7hrs.
  • Day 81-82 : To Lama Hotel (3030m/7 hrs) & Syabru Besi (1503m/ 6 hrs).
  • Day 83 : Ganesh Link. To Gatlang (2238m), walk approx. 4.5hrs.
  • Day 84-85 : To Somdang (3258m/ 6hrs) & Tipling (1890m/ 7hrs).
  • Day 86-88 : To Lapa Khola (1258m/ 5.5hrs), Nauban Kharka (2750m/ 7hrs), & Kerauja (2074m/ 7.5hrs).
  • Day 89-90 : To Khorla Besi & Jagat (1340m), walk approx. 6.5hrs.
  • Day 91 : To Philim (1570m), walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 92 : To Deng (1860m), walk approx. 5-6hrs.
  • Day 93 : To Namrung (2630m), walk approx. 7-8hrs.
  • Day 94 : To Shyala (3520m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 95-96 : To Samdo (3875m), walk approx. 5hrs & rest day.
  • Day 97 : To Larkye Base Camp (4460m), walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 98 : Cross Larkye La (5140m) to Bimtang (3590m) 8-10hrs.
  • Day 99 : To Dharapani (1865m), walk approx. 7hrs.
  • Day 100 : To Khodo (2675m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 101-102 : To Pisang (2675m/ 7hrs) & Manang (3540m/ 4hrs).
  • Day 103 : To Yak Kharka (4050m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 104 : To Thorong High Camp (4700m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 105-106 : Cross Thorong La (5380m) to Muktinath, walk approx. 9hrs, & Rest Day.
  • Day 107 : To Goat Kharka via Kagbeni (2810m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 108 : To Santa (3778m), walk approx. 7hrs.
  • Day 109 : To Ghalden Ghuldun Khola (4247m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 110-113 : To Lalinawar Khola (4800m/ 4hrs). Cross Jungben La (5550m) & Niwas La (5120m) to Nulungsunda Kharka (4987m/ 7hrs) & Chharka Bhot (4302m/ 6hrs). Rest day.
  • Day 114-116 : To Chap Chu (4320m/ 7hrs), Maran (4350m/ 8hrs), and Nungmala Base Camp (4440m/ 6hrs).
  • Day 117-120 : To Bagala Base Camp (4400m/ 6hrs), Temche (3900m/ 7hrs), Ringmo (3641m/ 4hrs) & Rest day.
  • Day 121 : To Kharka (4300m), walk approx. 5.5hrs.
  • Day 122-124 : To Kagmara High camp (5070m/ 4-5hrs), Kagmara Pass (Other side of Base Camp (4200m/ 6-7hrs) & Hurikot (3010m/ 8hrs).
  • Day 125-126 : To Nauli Ghot (3400m/ 8hrs) & Kudigaon (3300m/ 8hrs).
  • Day 127-130 : To Jumla, walk approx. 7hrs; Rest Day; to Khaligaon, walk approx. 8hrs & Dab (Bulbule), walk approx. 8 hrs.
  • Day 131 : To Rara Lake (3010m/ 8hrs), Rest day.
  • Day 132 : Karnali Riverside Camp, walk approx. 4hrs.
  • Day 133 : To Bam (2700m), walk approx. 5-6hrs.
  • Day 134 : To Jogimara (3005m), walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 135 : To Piplan (1700m), walk approx. 7hrs.
  • Day 136 : To Apsia Lekh (3200m), walk approx. 7-8hrs.
  • Day 137 : To Punkha Khola, walk approx. 6hrs.
  • Day 138 : To River Camp, walk approx. 5.5hrs.
  • Day 139 : To Simikot (2900m), walk approx. 6.5hrs.
  • Day 140 : To Kermu (2300m), walk approx. 6hrs
  • Day 141 : To Shinjungma, walk approx. 6-7 hrs
  • Day 142-143 : To Talung (4380m) and to Jang (3990m), walk approx. 6-7hrs both days.
  • Day 144-146 : Return to Hilsa (2300m).
  • Day 147 : Drive to Kermu (2300m)
  • Day 148 : Trek to Simikot
  • Day 149 : To Nepalgunj & Kathmandu by air (1330m).
  • Day 150 : Trip concludes Kathmandu
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu at the Radisson hotel
  • 149 breakfasts, 142 lunches and 143 dinners including all meals on trek valued at US$6555
  • Flights Kathmandu/Biratnagar/Suketar & Nepalgunj/Kathmandu US$519 approx
  • Airport transfers if arriving on day 1 and 150
  • Expert high altitude mountaineering guide & trekking guides
  • Expert bilingual guide and group medical kit
  • Trek pack including sleeping bag, down or fibre filled jacket and insulated mat valued at $500
  • Souvenir World Expeditions kit bag
  • Climbing pack including ice axe, crampons, harness and helmet
  • Safety equipment including high altitude chamber and satellite phone
  • All park entrance fees and trekking permits
  • Porters to carry all personal and group equipment and porter's insurance
  • Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu
  • Bottled water, aerated & alcoholic drinks
  • Items of a personal nature such as phone calls, laundry, etc
  • International flights
  • Airport and departure taxes
  • Travel Insurance
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For any tour departures within 28 November 2021, full payment is required. For tours that depart later than 28 November 2021, a deposit is required to confirm this tour, and the remaining balance will be charged 69 days before trip departure.

Travel Insurance

Great Himalaya Trail - The Full Traverse tour requires that you have adequate and valid travel insurance covering medical and personal accidents, including repatriation costs and emergency evacuation. We recommend using World Nomads' travel insurance.


For this Great Himalaya Trail - The Full Traverse tour getting the required visa(s) is the responsibility for each individual traveller, as visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. We recommend to check with your local embassies representing the countries that you are travelling to, as part of this itinerary.

For Solo Travelers

A twin share room may not always be available for solo travelers as it depends on the final number of people on the tour. If you have picked twin share room while booking, and that option is not available, we will get back to you after booking. A single room might then be available against an additional fee.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

This trip incorporates the following COVID-19 measures:

  • Smaller group sizes have been implemented on this tour to protect against COVID-19 and to ensure that the tour complies with local authorities’ guidelines.
  • Wearing a mask, hand washing and sanitizing has been implemented on this trip. Frequently touched surfaces are regularly disinfected. Hygiene safety measures and distancing will furthermore be followed in transportation, accommodation and meal venues.
  • A multitude of COVID-19 distancing measures have been implemented on this package tour to keep travellers safe.
  • This tour has obtained a COVID-19 CLEAN accreditation from Quality Tourism Australia.
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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this tour.
  • How much money do I need to bring with me?

    Your personal budget obviously depends on your spending habits and what is included in your trip cost. If accommodation is included, but meals are not, we would suggest that you bring around 30 USD per day per person for meals. Having a hot shower or charging your device sometimes costs extra. There are also sometimes small crafts/souvenirs to buy along the trekking route which you may want to bring extra money for. Also, consider whether you would be staying in Kathmandu or Pokhara before or after your trek.

  • Is quarantine in Nepal in effect for arriving visitors?

    In response to the current Covid situation, rules for arriving visitors may change frequently and sometimes without notice. Please check the government travel pages and advisories of your home country and the official website of the Nepal Tourism board here.

  • What happens if someone gets altitude sickness, does the rest of the group continue on?

    It depends on the situation. Sometimes, altitude sickness can be treated and the trekker may wish to continue. If not, the rest of the group can continue on if they want and the sick person can descend.

  • How does it work with a porter?

    Generally, the porter will pick up the baggage in the morning and drop it at the hotel in the evening. You will not always be walking with your porter or have access to your bag during the day, while trekking. 

  • Is a visa on arrival available?

    Typically, yes. However, in response to the current Covid situation, rules for arriving visitors may change frequently and sometimes without notice. It may be necessary to obtain a tourist visa in your own country before travel. For updated information on visas, please check the Nepal Tourism Board and the Government of Nepal Immigration websites.


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