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  • Follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones and explore the amazing ancient city of Petra, with history brought to life by your incredible local leader
  • Learn a new game to take home, playing ‘Seven stones’ with local children
  • Camp in the middle of the desert in Wadi Rum under a blanket of stars – an unforgettable experience that’s not your regular Thursday night!

Delve into the magical ancient world of Jordan on this exhilarating family adventure! This tour... ... Read More

Intrepid Travel
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Jordan Family - Journey To The Lost City

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  • Starts/Ends Amman/Dead Sea
  • Operator Intrepid Travel
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Next Departures Apr 1 May 27
From US$ 1,435 US$ 1,159 8 days
  • Explore Jordan's 'Lost City' of Petra

Jordan, with its spectacular desert scenery, archaeological treasures and Dead and Red Seas, is an... ... Read More


The Lost City Of Petra

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  • Starts/Ends Amman/Amman
  • Operator Active 1 hour ago Exodus
  • Tour Type Group Tour
  • Next Departures Feb 10 Feb 17
From US$ 1,037 9 days
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Jordan Tour Reviews

4.6 - Excellent Based on 104 customer reviews
Hidden treasures of Jordan Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
5 - Excellent
“Most enjoyable 12 days, we found it a very interesting trip.”
A must go trip Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
5 - Excellent
“We travelled all over Jordan. A lot of te sites were still in early stages of excavation, but the view and history are unmissable. Our tour leader was knowledgable and helpful and the two days in Petra gave us a chance to see everything.”
Hidden Treasures of Jordan (AXE) June 2015 Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
5 - Excellent
“Travelled in May/June 2015. This longer than the usual trip covers a huge area, taking in most of the main historic and ancient sites, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, Wadi Rum, Petra, and all points in between.”
Hidden Treasures of Jordan (AXE) Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
5 - Excellent
“As much of Jordan’s archaeology, history and geography as you can reasonably fit in with the time available. Be prepared for some long journeys but always with a very rich reward or two along the way.”
Treasures of Jordan Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
4 - Very Good
“A thoroughly memorable trip. Lovely country and lovely people. We saw so much in a relatively short space of time with great contrasts between city, desert, coast and the Dead Sea.”
Hidden Treasurers of Jordan Reviewed Tour: Hidden Treasures of Jordan
5 - Excellent
“I can sum up the Hidden Treasurers of Jordan trip in one word "fabulous". I normally go for the more involved type of holiday involving lots of climbing etc but thought I would give a more relaxed trip a go. I'm so glad I did. Jordan a country which seems to be going through a tourism crisis at the moment due to its neighbours Iraq, Syria, Israel, Gaza and Saudi should be classed as a "must visit" and due to the lack of tourists its a great time to go. The country is stunning, the people warm and friendly and the country is above all safe! The cuisine is a mixture of Arab, and European and very tasty. Its also the only Arabian county I've visited where wine, beer and spirits is freely available! What resonates the most is the sense of history that permeates Jordan from prehistoric to Roman, Byzantine, Crusades, First World War to the modern issues. Its a snapshot of world history wrapped up in a beautiful small country! The trip itself managed to avoid being a one trick pony with plenty of trips to the desert and a boat ride in Aqaba. The 12 day trip allowed me to see so much of this but also left me hungry for more! I was also very lucky that the rest of the group are fab people, it was a great trip with a great group. The only downside was leaving Jordan. How soon can I go back?!”
A Week in Jordan Reviewed Tour: A Week in Jordan
5 - Excellent
“For years I had wanted to experience Petra. This trip turned out to be about more than just Petra--it showcased Jordan--and in the process exceeded all expectations. Two days at Petra was a wonderful way to experience the site--mile after mile of hiking as the adventure unfolded, we learned about the history and people of the area. We had dinner in the home of a local family where we learned about the muslim religion and way of life. We got to experience a hammam, we enjoyed the luminaria evening at Petra complete with poetry and music. Unforgettable! We got to experience the beauty of the desert in Wadi Rum and stay overnight in a beouin camp at full moon. The next morning, a camel ride at sunrise was magnificent and unforgettable. Snorkeling in the Red Sea--couldn't get enough of it. Swimming in the Dead Sea and taking the "mud cure". Great experience and hilarious to be plastered with black mud. Bye bye wrinkles! Amman and Jerash--such a rich experience --the hisory, the local color, the wonderful people. A special surprise for me was a birthday cake and celebration--It was wonderful and never to be forgotten, thoughtful and much appreciated! There was so much going on--the pace was just right. We saw as much as could comfortable be fitted into the time we were together.”
"Welcome in Jordan" Reviewed Tour: A Week in Jordan
5 - Excellent
“Was the constant greeting and we were certainly made to feel so (and very safe) "Hello. Look at that! " from our enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely accomodating local guide Petra was on most of our minds (made even more special by the fantastic 'reveal' by our guide - so very thoughtful) However our trip included so many other fantastic facets - Roman city of Jerash and peace and vastness of Wadi Rum”
A week of discovery Reviewed Tour: A Week in Jordan
5 - Excellent
“There is nothing I can say about Jordan that others who have travelled to this country have not said before. We were a large group, 20 in all, age ranging from 20`s to 60`s but unusually with a large group we all got on so well together. We started our trip with a visit to Jerash, nothing could have prepared us for the shear volume that was there with even more yet to be uncovered, absolutely fantastic to stand there in the footprints of these ancient people who created these wonders. Onto the Dead sea, I thought it was going to warmer than it was but those of us who went in had a quick float around, a pity we could not see the sites in Israel over the other side of the sea as it was quite misty. Petra was next for us, the Treasury was revealed to by a trick the guide (Zuhair) played on us and what a site, although this is really only a fraction of what is there.We spent 2 days walking around, up and over in awe at the scale and colours, every corner revealing another site or view to take your breath away. Ah camping in the desert hold that thought, how romantic, after a 4x4 ride in the desert we climbed aboard our camels for a ride again into the desert. on our return dinner was prepared but due to a strong wind we ate inside a really smokey large tent. Those of us who brought along a sleeping bag did ok but the the temperature dropped and it was cold, yes it really was. To complete our trip we moved onto Aqaba which was different again, much like many sea ports in the middle east. I found this trip so enlightening and awe inspiring to be the best of the many I have been on with exodus, thank you.”
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