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Japan Tour Reviews

5 - Excellent
Based on 22 customer reviews
My best adventure to date Reviewed Tour: Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps
5 - Excellent
“From start to finish this trip was fantastic, we packed so much into the time we had in Japan and our tour guide Mayuko had everything so well organised the holiday ran like a dream.”
Mt Fujo and the Japanese Alps Reviewed Tour: Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps
2 - Poor
“The trip title is misleading. There were 2 climbs made, Mt. Yaragatake and Mt. Fuji, both strenuous and spectacular but no hiking through the Alps as we had thought. There was a SIGNIFICANT amount of time spent in public transport, trains, buses, to get between the mountains. The time to take making these transfers was not mentioned in the trip notes. One day after 3 changes all carrying our cases, we arrived at 10.30pm to then get a taxi to our accommodation. In the trip, time spent hiking was only the 4 days (or in part) of the 2 climbs and one simple hike along the Edo walk which was not in the alps. The majority of time was spent in down time or in travel between accommodation. The overall cost of the trip was more than I have paid for hiking holidays with Exodus and I believe that was due to the significant cost in transport between sites.”
Quite a trip Reviewed Tour: Mt Fuji & the Japanese Alps
5 - Excellent
“So many aspects of Japan : Mountains, climbed the Japanese way Interesting Food always available Unfailingly polite people A culture to immerse yourself in”