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4.8 - Excellent Based on 186 customer reviews
Vietnam Food Adventure Reviewed Tour: Vietnam Food Adventure
4 - Very Good
“First time the trip had run, but everyone in the group enjoyed it. The cooking lessons were well run and great fun. The weather was unexpectedly cold and very wet in Hanoi and Halong Bay, and it is worth taking very warm clothing. All the places we stayed, especially in Hoi An, were excellent, and the time we spent in the Mekong Delta and the homestay were my favourite days. Don't miss the Opera House in Saigon for a superb local show. Overall an excellent holiday, and Bon a really good leader.”
Trails of Vietnam Jan 2017 Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
4 - Very Good
“What an amazing holiday we had. Thanh our guide had expert knowledge about every aspect of our trip and of every place we visited. The trip was very organised from every transfer, every type of transport, minibus, train, bike, kayak and plane all went off without a hitch. Thanh was also very good at keeping a large group together and in the right lace at the right time. From the wet humid north to the dry humid south Vietnam is a fascinating place with friendly - mostly happy people who live on next to nothing. Very humbling.”
Trails of Vietnam Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“A lovely group, an efficient guide and a varied itinerary, we got to see a lot of Vietnam, a beautiful and exciting country. It was definitely a holiday that left me with some brilliant memories. The only thing which let us down was the rain in Hue and Danang with its consequent inactivity.”
Vietnamese Trails Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
4 - Very Good
“An excellent trip, our first with exodus.”
A superb trip through the real Vietnam Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“The Trails of Vietnam trip is a full-on, busy trip which packs a huge amount in to the time available. You travel the length of Vietnam and enjoy a wealth of adventure on the way. From the hills of the North to the deltas of the South, you will meet and speak with many local people and gain an understanding of their way of life, the history, culture and food of Vietnam. We had a fantastic group of 16 very different and interesting people who all got along so well together.”
Scooter heaven! Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“Viet Nam is a stunning country full of breathtaking scenery, friendly people and a rich and colourful history and culture. This trip packs a lot of punch into the two weeks and covers just about all of the main highlights the country has to offer. This is due to a very well organised itinerary and great organisational skills from the group leader. The food was the best I've tasted anywhere in the world and the variety and freshness of the dishes was huge. If you like seafood this is the place to visit! Got to mention the local beers as well - each region produces its own local beer so the trip from start to finish is a great beer tour! The hiking, cycling and kayaking were all excellent and amid some of the most amazing and varied scenery that I've experienced. This was topped off by visits to some excellent pagodas and temples and famous landmarks throughout. I stayed for an extra week after the end of the trip to visit the beaches and even after three weeks in Viet Nam I still didn't want to return home!”
An Amazing trip Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“This holiday is non stop from the first to the last day with some amazing experiences. Its an excellent way to see Vietnam - it would take two months to pack in what we did in two weeks! The organisation was excellent and despite not having much free time we never felt rushed and had time to enjoy every experience with a great group of fellow travellers.”
Get there before it changes! Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“This must be the best Exodus holiday I've experienced. First of all a great bunch of fellow travellers make the trip; we all got on very well from the outset. Vinh, the tour leader was very well organised, always knew what was going on and made sure we also knew the 'plan' for the present and following days. Hotels and homestays were of good quality and we were very well looked after wherever we were. Included food was usually excellent and abundant, a slimming holiday it was not! Our leader arranged optional meals at local restaurants; again, the food was varied but always of a high quality.
In travelling in and between Hanoi, Ha Long, Hue, Danang, Hoi An and Saigon, we were exposed to the history and culture of this country. Our guide was very well informed about historical events which has shaped Vietnam.
A good bit of walking, a little bit of paddling and some mad cycling composed the active part of the holiday. I was disappointed with so little kayaking but this was somewhat mitigated by the tremendous views in Ha Long bay.”
Just the best tour I've ever done Reviewed Tour: Trails of Vietnam
5 - Excellent
“I picked this trip because it was a great blend of cycling, hiking, sight seeing, shopping and kayaking for a 2 week tip in Vietnam. I loved that we got to get out of the cities and walk amongst the hill tribes of Northwestern Vietnam or cycle amongst the farmers and fishermen of the Mekong Delta. But I also appreciated all our city stops to experience the different characters and cuisine of the cities throughout Vietnam. It was also fun that transportation varied from buses to boats to ships... This trip was just a fantastic blend of activities and exercise.”
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