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Hangzhou Tour Reviews

4.0 - Very Good Based on 4 customer reviews
Hangzhou day tour by bullet train Reviewed Tour: Private Hangzhou Day Trip from Shanghai by Bullet Train
Stephen Dorman From Australia
1 - Very poor
“Absolutely completely overpriced for China. Over $500aud for the day + I had to purchase the train ticket. $500 bucks for a very short tour of the gardens at the lake + a temple is ridiculous. I ran around gardens, went to a terrible place for lunch full of mosquitos and bad food (I got sick) and then tea tour missed and a shitty temple tour. The guide talked at me the whole day and would not let me look at what I wanted to look at. She actually physically hit me when I did not listen to her boring commentary. I just wanted to look at the temple but I was not permitted to. She was offensive to western standards. I could go on for ages on how terrible and a rip off this tour is. I also had someone from tripadvisor email me as I had given a rating. It was not me so I can only assume the tour operator pretended to be myself for a review. You need to discontinue this company.”
The tour operator responded on :
“Dear Stephen,

I deeply apologize for the fact that you felt like our guide was not up to your standard. We, at Shanghai Advisor Tour, are doing everything we can to make sure that something like this never happens.

Lynn, your guide for the tour, is a young, friendly and talkative girl. I am sorry that she tried to be friendly and make you feel comfortable. And about the few concerns that you mentioned, please let me explain our side of the story.
1. Price: Yes, we do agree that it was a bit pricey for solo traveler but as we all know, the cost for a guide and vehicle is the same for 1-3 people per group.
2. Food: I understand that you were not satisfied with the lunch. However, that day was a public holiday (Chinese dragon festival). All the restaurants in our list were fully booked so, the one we chose was in the tea village where they provided you with green tea after your meal. I guess the food and the location (the tea plantation) was too local for you. We will make sure that we will not take our customers to such places if it feels inconvenient to them.
3. Tour duration: The tour which was supposed to be 11 hours turned to 12 hours and we had to cancel the visit to the government tea house since the traffic was quite bad. If we hadn't cancelled that, we would have been stuck in Hangzhou overnight as we wouldn't be able to catch the train on time (all the tickets were sold out).
4. In regard to your concern about your email address being used to rate and review our company on TripAdvisor, I would like to say that we have not done anything of that sort. It is unethical and our company is very strict on those fronts. We do not use customers' email addresses to review our company.

We are deeply apologetic for all the inconvenience and we thank you for your response. It helps us understand how we can make our services better.”
Best day trip to Hangzhou Reviewed Tour: Luxury G20 Trip to Hangzhou by Bullet Train
Harold Vanscotti From USA
5 - Excellent
“We had a delightful day tour with Cindy Wang who was very attentive and helpful during our time together. We highly recommend her for the outstanding service that she provided to us. Thank you!”
Great tours , Cindy is an excellent guide Reviewed Tour: Ultimate 3-day: explore Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou
Natalia Katsikitis From Australia
5 - Excellent
“Spent 3 days with Cindy travelling and sightseeing around Shanghai. Great tour guide, easy personality; would definitely use her help again.”
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