Tour Operators join Uganda Tour Operators Network

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We are an online Uganda Tourism Operators Network that seeks to implement ethical, fair trade and professional tourism standards by utilizing web tools to inclusively connect tourists or visitors to vendors of Tourism products and services in Uganda.

We are an all inclusive network consisting of tourists or visitors to Uganda as well as providers of products or services to the Uganda Tourism industry.

We will again stress that we seek to promote ethical, fair trade and professional standards in the Uganda Tourism industry while placing conservation and ecology as a motivating factor driving our goals.

We intend to take advantage and leverage online internet technology so as to inclusively connect and benefit all that have a positive interest in Uganda Tourism.

We are an online network and not an association. Even though we have independent Uganda Tour Operators as members of our network, our network is inclusive to other providers of products and services to the Uganda Tourism industry.

As such we are independent from and NOT the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

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