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I am going to Nepal in september for the first time without much knowledge of the terrain. I want to do some trekking, preferably tea house but i would certainly be willing to camp.
while i am of course excited to see the more arid high mountain terrain of Nepal, I am most interested in experiencing a variety of landscapes, specifically forested mountainous areas (in my mind i imagine misty deciduous/pine forest peaks, with rhododendrons and moss everywhere. though maybe this is an ill informed dream haha)
It seems that the Manaslu area is one that has good diversity of landscape, are there any other areas that might suit me?
any advice is appreciated

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  • Rasmus Juul Olsen
    Hi CJ

    Manaslu is indeed a very good trek in Nepal, and it will give you what you are looking for. Please note, however, that Manaslu requires that you are at least 2 trekkers. Manaslu has become an ever more popular trekking route so please make sure to book accommodation in advance, if going there.

    Another trek I'd recommend is the Everest Base Camp 3 Passes trek, but where you do not fly into Lukla (the entrance point to the Everest region at an altitude of approx. 2,800 m) but instead take the bus to Jiri and then start the walk from there. It is an absolutely fantastic route (perhaps even better than Manaslu). It is a challenging trip but if you're fit and ready, it is an adventure of a lifetime. The fact that you are not flying into Lukla but instead starting from lower altitude and gradually ascending into higher altitudes will give you very different climate zones (and thus high diversity in terms of landscapes).

    I hope the above was of some help.
  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Dear CJ,

    There are plenty of treks in the Himalayas to do, however, Manalsu with Tsum Valley or Nar Phu or Annapurna Base Camp, like Rasmus mentioned Everest Base Camp three passes could be the best to choose.
  • Ajay
    Manaslu is a kind of hidden gem they say. It's not very touristic like Everest base camp, Annapurna Base camp.
    So manaslu circuit would be fine for you dream. I am thinking of doing it in few weeks time.
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