Trekking Poon Hill in August (Monsoon Season)

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I will be in Nepal towards the beginning of August with a couple of friends. We're planning to trek Poon Hill, since we're only there for a week. I'm guessing it will be raining a lot, and I have never hiked in the rain before, so I'm a little concerned. I have a few questions that can hopefully be answered.

1. Is it safe to trek Poon Hill in the monsoon season?
2. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for clothes or hiking gear?
3. Can we rent sleeping bags or should we bring our own?
4. Are there a lot of insects (ie. leeches) on the trek?

Any sort of help or advice would be really helpful! Thank you!

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  • Rasmus Juul Olsen
    Hi Samantha,

    I must admit that I have not personally been trekking Poonhill during the monsoon season, but I am rather confident that I can at least provide you with some solid input on a few of the questions raised:

    1. Yes, it is perfectly safe to be trekking Poonhill during the monsoon season

    2. It will be warm during August so no need to bring a large winter jacket, but a great rain and wind proven jacket is a must. Also, highly recommend to have 2 x light fleece sweaters with you, so as to make sure that you keep warm, and can always change to a new one, in case one of them gets wet. Some people also prefer to bring a small umbrella with them during monsoon as it is easy to fasten atop your backpack and it provides some good shelter during rain. Another small tip could be to bring a few small plastic bags to put around your socks, to make sure that even if your trekking boots get wet, at least your socks are dry.

    3. Yes, you can indeed rent suitable sleeping bags in Thamel, at very cheap money. There is a place called Shonas (but there are other places as well) in Thamel which rents high quality and seasonal sleeping bags out, at around USD 2/day (not 100% sure on the exact amount but it is cheap)

    4. There is likely to be some leeches on the trek.

    I have met many people having trekked during monsoon season in Nepal and most of these really enjoyed the trekking experience, despite the rain.

    I hope the above was helpful Samantha Yum.

    Trekbooking staff
  • Samantha
    Thank you so much Rasmus for your response!

    I was also wondering... Would you recommend that we wear long pants for the trek?
    My friend and I bought pants that come to the knees/calves, but were wondering if it would be better to have pants that come down to the ankles.

  • Sanchi
    Dear Samantha,

    I am looking at either a trek / climb at Poonhill in the month of August too. Also looking at either joining a group / people who have trekked in the past. Could I join as well?
  • Kris
    Dear Samantha,
    Thank you for your question. I am trying to replies your leveled question here.
    *As long as you are taking a guide in Nepal, It is safe to trek in poon hill even in monsoon. The path is sleepry and need a guide to let you know how to trek?
    *You can rent all kind of grekking gears in Kathamndu and Pokhara incliding boots and sleeping bag.
    *Of course there are Leeshes in some parts of the trek no much but salt is the best to killed those insects. No need to worries. Many people made these trek in monsoon and they enjoy.
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