Nepal in Monsoon season - which treks are recommended? Other hazards?

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I will be coming to Nepal later this year around July/August for trekking, and perhaps some climbing. I understand that is during the monsoon season in the country.

Could anyone be so kind to inform me which treks are doable during the monsoon? Are there any hazards aside from rain that one should be aware of also during monsoon season? How long will the rain last per day?

Would appreciate some advice.

Trekking Regards,

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  • Natasha
    I did Langtang -Tamang heritage trek in August this year. It was raining,but worst part was dense fog which did not allow you to see virtually anything. Another problem lechees - it is very difficult to protect your feet and neck. (I was wearing proper trekking boots). I would recommend Mustang, Humla or Dolpo in monsoon season.
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