Nepal in Monsoon season - which treks are recommended? Other hazards?

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I will be coming to Nepal later this year around July/August for trekking, and perhaps some climbing. I understand that is during the monsoon season in the country.

Could anyone be so kind to inform me which treks are doable during the monsoon? Are there any hazards aside from rain that one should be aware of also during monsoon season? How long will the rain last per day?

Would appreciate some advice.

Trekking Regards,

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  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Hello Luke,

    For the climbing & trekking behind the Himalayas like as a Mustang or manang.So I highly suggest you to climbing for the Chulu far east peak or Pisang peak in Manang to less avoid the Rain in Monsoon time. A day 3 to 4 hours rain everyday may be some time less depend the weather condition.If you want to do a trek only I suggest to go Mustang or manaslu circuit trek.

  • Gaspard
    Hi Luke and Unique Adventure

    I am also thinking of coming to Nepal during monsoon. Not going to climb though. So does this mean that there will not be much rain at the Annapurna Circuit, because Manang is on the Annapurna Circuit, right?

    What about some of the other normal treks like Everest Base Camp, Langtang, Poonhill or Gokyo? Are they not recommended to do during the monsoon season? Only Manaslu and Mustang?

    Sorry if confusing here, would just like a little more information.

    French Regards and cheers,
  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Dear Gaspard,

    Yes, Annapurna circuit is the manang on the way. So except Manang,Manaslu & Mustang can do Everest bc ,langtang,poon hill,Gokyo trek in monsoon time also without climbing peak.
  • Gaspard
    Hi Unique Adventure

    So does this mean that the Everest, Langtang, Poonhill and the Gokyo trek does not receive much rain during the monsoon season either? Also, except from rain, are there any other hazards - lots of insects or alike?

    So much appreciate a little more input to be sure whether monsoon season is okay time for trekking or not.

  • Ram
    Hello there,
    It is our pleasure to share our feelinngs and experince with you. We believe on "NEPAL IS FOR ALL SEASON".
    Ofcourse, there will be raining in Nepal during the monsoon and which going to fall in July/August. Almost the trekking routes of Nepal lies on trans himalayan zone and there will be less rain than Kathmandu, Pokhara and other parts of Nepal. Moreover the upper Mustang and Manaslu trekking areas are on complete trans himalayan zone.
    If you need further assistance and discussion, do not hesitate to contanct us any time. We feel happy to answer you as many as you can ask.
  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Dear Gasparrd,
    Yes, you can do for trekking in Nepal for Everest,Langtang,poonhill,Goky on the monsoon time.. Do not worry for the Hazard except the rain.

    Khum Subedi
  • Luke
    Hey Guys,

    Sorry, had to be out for a while to visit my old fellows and was out of the loop for some days. Anyways thanks for the replies. Manang, Mustang sounds good and I always wanted to try Annapurna Circuit. So, I will be looking forward for it in Monsoon.

  • Stacy
    Hi guys,

    I've read that the Monsoon season will end around September, any input on when in September? Beginning, end, or?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd

    Mid September onwards the monsoon season will end normally.
  • Bellini
    Great post! Thanks.
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