Annapurna Base Camp or Langtang

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I am going to Nepal this spring for trekking. Looked into itineraries but very in doubt which trek is best. I have 10 days available so am considering Langtang or Annapurna Base Camp.

Can somebody advise which trek to go for - what's good and bad about each trek?

Would be good to receive help.


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  • Mosaic Adventure
    Hi Dimitry,

    Annapurna and Langtang both have its significance, so can't really say which one is better. It all depend on your personal preferences.

    Some point, before suggesting my favorite:
    - Langtang area is less crowded than Annapurna.
    - Annapurna offers better view of Himalayan and other landscape
    - Teahouses are slightly better in Annapurna trail compared to Langtang,
    - More teahouses choice in Annapurna (but still very busy :( )
    - Annapurna area is more developed due to its popularity, I think it is bit touristic (because of higher tourist influence)

    Having said that, if this is your first time in Nepal then, i would personally recommend Annapurna base camp.

    Should you require further information, do not hesitate to post your questions,

    Thank you!
  • Dimitry
    Hi mosaic adventure

    Thank you for the input. I am glad to receive that.

    I have read other places that both trekking areas are good, but seems Annapurna Base Camp is a little better, if looking at comments. Getting your input below made my Decision - Annapurna Base Camp, here comes a Russian!

    Have a very good Friday Mosaic. Thank YOU


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