Everest Base Camp - 3 Passes trek during winter - december/january?

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Is it possible to do the Everest Base camp - 3 passes trek during winter - December/January?

If not possible, what is the most adventurous trek available in Nepal during winter - December/January?

Would highly appreciate some input.


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  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Dear Soren,

    It isn't possible to do Everest 3 high Pass trekking during December and January because there will be lots of snow in the passes.

    Most adventurous treks is not possible during winter but you can try it after mid February.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Søren
    Sorry for the late answer Trek Nepal, and thanks for the input.

    Okay, understand. What about Annapurna Base Camp - is that possible during winter? Or, the Manaslu trek - that sounds like an adventure trek as well, but perhaps still possible, or?

    Would be happy to get your input on this.

  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Yes, Annapurna Base Camp is possible but again during Manaslu Trek you need to cross pass at 5,212m.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Søren
    Okay. Thank you very much for the input, great. I will go after Annapurna Base Camp then :)

  • Nepal
    Annapurna Base camp Or Langtang or Tamang heritage trekking possible during December and January
  • Satyadeep
    hey........... i too am interested in trekking this winter.... need some partner though..... have no plans yet and my dates are very flexible...............
    looking fwd to hear from u
  • Ram
    It will be possible but not the 100% guaranteed during mid winter but at the end of this season will be Ok.
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