Tihar festival and government offices

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Due to the Tihar festival, anyone know if I could obtain my trekking permit on October 23? Or will the government offices be closed?

I will arrive in Kathmandu on October 23 and hope to get the required permits to start the Manaslu trek by October 24th.

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  • Akira Ono
    Just found this thread from last year and would like to ask what the situation is this year during Tihar festival. Will the Tourism Board in Kathmandu be open on 12th and 13th November? Where can I go to find out? Thanks for your help.

  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Hey Akira,

    During Tihar Festival probably 2 days (12th & 13th November) will remain close.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Akira Ono
    Thanks for the helpful info! Much appreciated.

  • Buddha Treks and Expedition
    Hi Ariel,
    Tihar festival ends on 21 Oct. Immigration office opens as normal on 23 Oct. It depends on your arrival time whether you will have enough time to obtain trekking permit for Manaslu Trek on same day on your arrival date or not.

    I suppose you are aware that you can not obtain trekking permit for Manaslu Trek independently. You have to procedure through authorized trekking company.

    We wish your pleasant holidays in Nepal

    With best regards!
    Dil Pahari
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