Tihar festival and government offices

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Due to the Tihar festival, anyone know if I could obtain my trekking permit on October 23? Or will the government offices be closed?

I will arrive in Kathmandu on October 23 and hope to get the required permits to start the Manaslu trek by October 24th.

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  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Hello Ariel,
    Gald to know that you are doing Manaslu Circuit Trek this 24th October.
    Most probably the government office will be closed on 23rd October but we hope they will open for few hours.
    We will keep you posted.
    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Unique Adventure International Pvt Ltd
    Hi Ariel,

    Normally, the governement offices closed some days in Tihar festival, they haven't published the closed schedules yet. There might be few hours open or might not be, we only can know once they published their closed schedule before the festival starts. And as the Manaslu trek required special trekking permit issued by the department of Immigration and 23rd can be the public holiday due to the Tihar Festival, it would be difficult to get the permit (due to time limitations) arriving on 23rd and leave on 24th. At the same time, the department of Immigration would like to see you original passport with the Nepal visa at the Immigration and if you arrive late wouldn't be possible. If you arrive first hours in the morning and if they open few hours on that day permits can be obtained but this can not be guaranteed now. However we keep posting information colsed schedules on this festival.

    Thanks and best wishes,
    Unique Adventure International!
  • Ariel
    Any updates from the government as to what day's their offices will be closed during the Tihar festival? If I arrive on October 23rd, can I get my trekking permits on that day (or the 24th)?
    Thank you!
  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Hey Ariel,

    Immigration office will be closed on 24th & 25th October and on 23rd October, office will be open from 10:30 am till 2 pm.
    We hope this will help you sort out your plans.

    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Ariel
    Thank you very much for the information. I hope to make it on time :)
    How would I get from the airport to the office, to get my trekking permits?
    1.) What is the name of the office (that I can tell my taxi driver)?
    2.) What is the street address of the government office?

    Thank you,
  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Nepal Immigration
    Location: Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.
    Tel : 977 – 01 – 4433934 / 4429660
    4438862 / 4438868
    Fax : 977 – 01 – 4433935
    Email :
    Web :
    But please be noted you can't make special permit on your own and you need to be at least 2 people. You need to go through travel agent and you need to take guide or porter.
    Thank you & Regards,
    Trek Nepal.
  • Ariel
    Thank you Trek Nepal! Please message me for pricing of your guides.
  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Our guides are US$ 35 per day.. If you can come bit earlier i.e on 19th October then we have group leaving for this trip on 20th October. Total trip cost is US$ 1400 for 14 days including guide, porter, special permits, transportation etc.
  • Ariel
    No thank you.
  • Trek Nepal Int'l PVT.LTD
    Ya it's upto you... Thank you :)
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